League of squadrons

Hello friends! This idea was created and prepared with the help of @Mzdziungwa Thanks!
This idea was mentioned once before, but now, I have discussed it in detail.

In this style of league, squadrons compete against each other in various rankings over a 30-day period. Every 48 hours a match is held between 2 squadrons and whichever team gets the most points wins that round.

Now we start from the beginning of the team building and its progress:

1. Team building:

  1. As you can see in the picture, we start by choosing a name.

  2. Then in the second part we put at least Tier. (From 0 to 99 and after 99, the minimum score must be entered.)

  3. The Invite Only filter is also for when you personally send a membership request to your team members. (from the contact list)

  4. In the bottom row, there is a button to search for squadron names so that you can join a squadron.

  5. The squadron settings button is also for applying various other filters and so on.

After creating a squadron, the list of squadrons will be displayed below. You can operate in a maximum of 3 squadrons simultaneously.

2. Entering the squadron

After entering the desired squadron space, this menu will be displayed and the 3 options on the left will be activated for you.
Leader, Co-leader and Member have the following symbols:

important points:

  1. Each team can have only 15 members.

  2. On the right side, things like (Last Squadron activity, Assignment
    completed, League round played) can be seen.

  3. In the second option on the left (squadron league ranking), You can see the ranking of all team members.

  4. In the third option on the left (ranking), You can see the Hall Of Fame of all current teams in all leagues in order of league ranking.

3. Chat Section and Matches

By clicking on the first option on the left (Chat), the opposite page will open.

  1. In this space, members can chat with each other

  2. On the right side, you can see the name of the league, the date of the match, the names of the competing teams, live total points and the time left until the next match.

4. Match screen

Depending on the ranking of the league, the degree of competition becomes difficult.

5. Match And League Prize

Match Prize:

After each match, the winning team will receive a silver container, and the losing team will receive a bronze container. Rewards include keys, fuel and special weapons

League Prize:

After the end of the league, all the teams present in the league will be awarded a golden container according to the position of the team in the overall ranking of the leagues. Rewards include keys, fuel, special weapons and special space ships

If the teams reach the quorum of the higher league, they will be promoted to the higher league and if they are less than the quorum, they will be relegated to the lower league.


I have nothing to Say bro, this is the best Idea i ever Heard in my life :))

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Rewarding keys, fuel, special weapon are fine, but special spaceships are too much. Instead, increasing the rarity of a limited number of items you have is a more reasonable prize (depends on your ranking in league).

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These items can be easily changed. The reason why I chose the spaceship as one of the awards was because of the 1 month’s labor of the squadron.

Let me clarify my point: the rarity increase here will apply to what you own at the end of the tournament (include spaceships, heatsink, reactors and engines), not what you will buy. Want a high-value reward like a monthly salary for the entire squadron? Just increase the number of keys to enough to buy 1-2 spaceships. Remember that even the current Galactic Cup will reward you with enough total keys to buy a ship if you save up.
Furthermore, increasing rarity has two benefits:
-Helping members optimize equipment to suit each person’s playstyle, instead of just giving them random rewards.
-Maintains the usefulness of Herowares and Aftermarket Stations.

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All these values ​​are hypothetical. The person who ultimately determines the awards is @InterAction_studios

I agree with your opinion. It’s a good idea

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