CIU version 140 BETA


You can now play the entirety of the “Revenge of the Yolk” episode from within the “Profile” screen of CIU (let’s call this CI3U).

You can skip/warp around waves: Press SHIFT+keys 0-9, -, = to set chapter (from 1 to 12), or press 0-9 keys to set wave in chapter (from 1 to 10). This time around, the server will not kick you out even if you use skip.

Note that in the BETA, CI4U and CI5U are still available to catch any bug regressions.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:

You can link your existing account that you normally use. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the LIVE server. It’s based on a database snapshot when v.139 was released, so your progress will be rolled back slightly (when compared to your live account). And, when the new version is officially released, any progress you made on the BETA server will be lost. Also, any translation changes will also be lost.

Multiplayer games will work, however note that your network connectivity will not be correctly detected by the BETA server (I think it will always say “Port-restricted cone NAT”). If there is a discrepancy between detection and your actual NAT type, then you will not be able to join some multiplayer games (even if they are listed). If the discrepancy lies on the host side, then none of the guests will be able to connect.

I don’t know how long BETA server will stay on-line, but I will notify as it comes and goes.


Oh YEAH, Here we go again:D


Okay, first thing me and @ordinary_ryxt noticed during the very start of CI3U:

FP10 is maintained after the prologue, and so does the weapon that the boss drops. (is it supposed to drop a powerup?)

We’ve found a couple other things, but we’ll point them out later. For now we’ll focus on the more “critical” ones.

i try to change none content and show this

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Please paint the UCO :pleading_face:. My sources say that it’s still bare metal.


It seems like one of the game files was deleted while the game was running.

You need to unzip the game in a proper (non-temporary) folder.


Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Everyone: You may include one or more bugs per post, but please avoid going back and edit your previous posts in order to append more bugs (it makes it difficulty to me to track and award medals)

  1. can you delay the boss music like ci3?
  2. where chick boss die sound at first?

low fps cause gpu is updating?


I think we should include the original Vulcan Chaingun Weapon in CI3U?


this is ci3u
of course we use the authentic vulkan weapon in ciu


What is this bug?

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check the file again for sure
If it still wrong, some files maybe missing

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There is no point in remaking episodes in CIU if you’re not gonna use improvements from CIU.


in C:\ is protected
try to extract somewhere else or change admin permission to user

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space burger uses the modern CI4+ textures but with the very slow animation speed from CI3, its weird to see when the earth has the original CI3 texture

hmm, what if the laser here was displayed behind the frying pan since its facing its back

wave names are all over the place regarding closeness to the original but i think the first one should keep the “So begins your adventure…” name

most enemies like regular chickens have one extra chapter of health applied to them, like chapter 1 chickens having 600 health instead of 300

were some of the health values intentionally rebalanced? the first UCO has 200k health on SSH while it only had 20k on rookie in the original, and balloon chickens also have much more health than normal

why do balloon chickens have the same amount of health regardless of the amount of balloons they hold anyway?


yeah, it should been nerf a bit on these lol, these chicken are hard to break :((

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is it me or the pan in ciu a bit small?

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Also The first mission : The Great Unknown, it should be Ion blaster ( bruh still Lightning Fryer)

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i’m a bit active
so in wave “inbound missile strikes”
no coins were dropped

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