Different Ideas for Chicken Invaders Universe

Hello! In today’s episode of Dragon Ball Z, I’ll showcase some ideas I have had in the left side of my brain for a while.

I- New Comet Chase Wave:

Example picture:

very professional indeed
There’ll be 3 danger zones, like in the picture, and you’re asking me “Why are there danger zones?”. Because there’ll be comets from both sides moving rapidly, and you have to stay away from the danger zones to not perish. As in the picture below:

Comets are destructible, but they have higher HP than usual. This happens 7 times, then the wave ends.

II- Resistance Auras:

Explanation: Resistance Auras are what Goku uses to not die, jokes aside, they make you resistant to non-lethal projectiles, they include Klaus slowing potions (Dr.Beaker’s included), meaning that you’ll not be slowed, Pheonix fireballs (Dr.Beaker’s overheat potion included), meaning you can’t overheat from them, and Chiller snowballs, meaning you can’t be slowed by the snowballs. You can only mount one on a ship.

III- Foggy Mission Type:

Have you ever been walking on a foggy day and instead of seeing people, you’ll see their shadows and/or black version of themselves? Well, this mission type is like that (fog included), and the twist is, ALL CHICKENS look the same. Meaning you can’t tell the difference between a Pudgy chicken and a Coward chicken. The fog will obscure the entire screen and make all chickens black, you can also clear the fog, but it will come back, just like Frozen environments. (Raven makes you see the chickens more clearly and reduces fog thickness which makes you see your background more clearly).

IV- New Chicken Breed:

Overview: This chicken is a Darkness chicken, it can only spawn on Darkness missions including numerous attacks.

1- Snap: Basically a flashbang, makes your screen white for a bit and you regain your vision slowly.

2- Raygun: The chicken will be holding a raygun, being hit by the raygun will decrease your vision until you have 3.75% vision, then you can see normally. (Raven for 50%¨effect)

3- You blind or somethin’?; With this move, he can make ALL chickens invisible for a few seconds, then they reappear. (Raven for 50% effect, which makes them visible more clearly.)

Upon killing the chicken, a black hole will appear, which gives you full vision until it disappears.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, and wish you the best.

V- Exclusive Golden Cuisine:

If you bought/have a CHL, you can buy the golden version of the default cuisine for 325 keys.


some chickens would still be identifiable by the shape of the clothes or in the case of coward chickens, being smaller than the others

Which one do you want to be added?
  • Comet Wave
  • Resistance Auras
  • Darkness Chicken
  • Foggy Mission Type
  • Golden Cuisine
  • None of the above

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