CIU version 137

I didnt join Christmas or thanksgiving even i joined the game when it was original event and now i still seen any event in fact low quality mode makes a **** colors for games

iA add unoriginally penalty in ironman because from players so grind at surrender even score.

it’s a bug bro the container no smoke christmas and thanksgiving at high quality but low quality even big chicken dies no smokes.


Superchick and Infinichicks and “Big Chicken” are already turkeys. I thought also making “Big Chicken” turkeys would be repetitive/redundant.

Fixed in v.138 :medal_sports: Bug

Where is it? You mean this? CIU version 137 - #260 by TitanSpeakerman This was already answered correctly by another user.

You mean the 1914 attempts? I’ll look into it.


hmm we haven’t seen weapon usage data in a while, how does it look like now?

I don’t know. Ever since the way “Weapon virtuosity” works was changed (Early Access version 118 - #295 by InterAction_studios), I no longer maintain those stats.


The private message bug i send you also sometimes when i join forum it logs me out no reason why?

hey ia ironman always surrender grind 1914 attempts. so play again unoriginally penalty -1000% Score at 2 or above times. get players bully this wave in “Tangled Mess” or reset score and tiers from 0 at Vann Vyy,Bogdan,Vit Xe Om and GMNguyen Players.

@InterAction_studios can you tell me what you think about this?

And this?

I also sent you a message talking about the Halloween skins for ci4 bosses.

Same thing here…

Maybe. But now is not the time.

The Discourse forum software was updated recently, which caused all of the users to be logged out.


Forgot to mention my name in the thread “Known bugs and new features”.

@InterAction_studios For some reason Asteroids does not have trails but in Magentic boss and Anniversary have, can you have a look?

well at least on low quality no trails at asteroids.

This is by design. There are two types of rocky asteroids: with smoke, or without.



Ok can you add ciu summer event which will cause leotards,naked chicken :rofl::rofl::rofl: also can you add number of prople who viewed my profile and acess to check who are they in next forum update?

A Summer Edition for next year would be really cool

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Ye lol like it getting cold in here boss when i turn him into naked chicken :joy: