CIU version 136

:warning: Android: v.136.5 has a bug which may sometimes cause a crash during game startup. For better stability, please download the v.136.5.1 update.


A new boss! This update certainly took a while, but the new boss Burgermeister™ 3000 boss presented several design challenges and took a lot longer than expected. In terms of implementation, it’s the most complex boss to date, requiring some never-before-seen mesh deformations and several new special effects. And of course copious tweaking until the fight is fun and manageable. But be warned – this is not meant to be an easy boss!

The addition of this boss to the wave pool will cause the layout of certain missions to be shuffled around. To keep things fair, any knockout matches for today have been reset and you will need to fly your knockout match again (as it turns out, this only affects a single player).

There was a server rollback at the beginning of May that caused some player progress to be lost. The affected players have been reimbursed. More details here: CIU version 135 - #115 by InterAction_studios

Bug/Idea medals will be awarded later in the day. Note that your medal cannot be awarded if your in-game callsign doesn’t match your forum name (put it in your forum profile where it says “name” so I can find it).


You will lose:

  • any mid-mission progress
  • your language selection


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users who haven’t logged in during the past week and have less than 10 minutes of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the last 12 months and haven’t set an e-mail. Note that users with any purchase are never deleted.

  • :bug: Mission Outcome screen: Aligned tutorial dashed boxes with text (@Lunatico :medal: Bug)

  • :bug: Mission Config screen: Prevented UI changes to config after “Fly mission” button is pressed (potentially fixes problems with invalid configs) (@Rick_astley :medal: Bug)

  • :bulb: Translations: Hint balloon tip now appears over glossary tip (@VerMishelb)

  • :gear: Strengthened anti-cheat measures.

  • :gear: (server-side v.135.2) Relaxed key-balance verification to allow for cases where server key awards (e.g. exploration/quest/mission rewards) have not reached client yet.

  • :bulb: Buying callsigns and squadron names now prevents further UI interactions until transaction is complete (previously, quitting the screen while transaction was in progress could lead to client/server inconsistencies).

  • :gear: Android: select() SOCKERR_EINTR errors (“Interrupted system call”) are now non-fatal. (properly applied from v.134)

  • :gear: Better instrumentation to catch iOS timing instabilities.

  • :gear: Calling add() directly on enemy groups is now an error.

  • :bug: Fixed long-standing (but benign) bug in vector interpolation type NONE.

  • :gear: Steam: Failures to write to Steam Cloud now display a dialog box.

  • :gear: Strengthened anti-cheat measures.

  • :bug: “Oops, wrong exit”, “Tower defense” waves: Fixed cases of Cowards disappearing prematurely while pushed outside their normal position (@EdgardCIfan97 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :gear: Modified MeshSkinEx::init() parameters.

  • :gear: Modified NavLissajous constructor parameters.

  • :gear: Modified V3 Bezier-constructor parameters.

  • :new: Added “Burgermeister™ 3000” boss.


  • :bug: Fixed arms being collidable (deadly) even during player invulnerability period (@GuestUniverse :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister can now appear in Droid Raid missions (@DePeeper :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister eyes are prevented from going too far up the screen during introductory sequence (@Nokson :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister: Removed health bars (“HUD Enemy Health Indicator”)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister: Initial eye approach is now slower (@OneWingLunarian :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister griller attacks are now slower (+1s).

  • :bulb: Burgermeister griller “roll” attack now retracts tentacles back along same path.

  • :bulb: Burgermeister griller attack has thinner collision (35%, was 40%)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister roast attack speed now depends on difficulty.

  • :bulb: Increased Burgermeister main body health +17%

  • :bulb: Burgermeister: Destroying each eye now increases damage to the main body by +3% (@Piotrek1113 :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister is now strong against fire damage (in addition to metal) (@Lunatico @Sammarald :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister is now the default boss on all Boss Rush missions.


  • :bug: Fixed de-serialization incorrectly resetting Bezier variables (bug introduced in v.136) (@Sammarald :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Fixed incorrect sound effect for Burgermeister mouth.

  • :bulb: Burgermeister: Ketchup streams are now fully collidable (previously, their trailing edge would not be) (@OneWingLunarian :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister: Reduced collision thickness of ketchup streams by 50%.

  • :bulb: Burgermeister: Reduced collision thickness of tentacles by 25%.

  • :gear: Removed legacy code to upgrade profiles created in v.1-v.33

  • :gear: Reworked logging (to better log file system errors)

  • :gear: Failure to load configuration or profile data (e.g., due to zeroes/corruption) is now exposed to the user via high-priority pop-up dialog.


  • :bulb: Burgermeister: Eyes are now secondary enemies. (@moon2004 :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :gear: Updated Steamworks SDK to v.157 (was v.151)

  • :bug: Steam: Fixed bug whereby current profile and game configuration data on Steam Cloud was being ignored and was instead upgraded/overwritten from a previous version (bug introduced in v.135) (@Saltycomputer :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :gear: Successful upgrade of configuration or profile data is now exposed to the user via high-priority pop-up dialog.

  • :bug: Multiplayer browser: Wave and player counts now properly use localized numeric digits (@Bandicoot)

  • :bulb: Burgermeister no longer appears 100% of the time as a boss. ‘Normal’ appearance rules apply (starts appearing at approximately 60% difficulty).


  • :bug: Mission Outcome screen: wave count now properly uses localized numeric digits (@Bandicoot)

  • :bug: In-mission: Medal & key HUD bonuses now properly use localized numeric digits (@Bandicoot)

v136.5.1 (only Android and iOS)

  • :bug: Android only: Fixed startup crash (caused by race condition during UVE initialization)

  • :gear: Fixed spurious partial log uploads (caused by an uninitialized variable).


This is rather confusing…
May I get the exact difficulty floor for the boss?

For Droid Raids, starts appearing at 41.667%

For all other missions, starts appearing at 54.167%


Donny : Lemme say it
donny : sigh let the cleaner robot say it

What does this mean?

From 136.2 only the burgermiester boss appears
From 136.4 it became a normal boss which appears sometimes

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in the beta, all bosses are Burgermeister™ for more easy to test (otherwise, you would have to fight every boss just to get one).

@InterAction_studios , can you look into this?

Vin Syndome was trying to play KO match 5 times but it always shows “Other side closed connection”

Fixed. Please try again (a logout/login might be necessary)


i had some text “configuration updated” “profiles updated” what that meant (android)

The first time you launch a new version of CIU, the game will look for data from any previously installed versions and upgrade it to the current version.

Configuration data = Your selections inside the “Options” button at the game’s main menu.

Profile data = Your selections inside the “Accounts” button at the game’s main menu.


also game on launch crashes one time and next one it works, but again after like 5 minutes after closing it crashes again

Known. Working on a fix as we speak.



There is a bug that may sometimes cause a crash during game startup on Android. For better stability, please download the v.136.5.1 update.

This fix is listed as 1360501 in the main menu. If it says 1360500, you still have the buggy version.

The stand-alone Android (32-bit) version is available now from ⬇ Download CIU . It has also been submitted to Google Play, although that will take a while longer to be approved.


That’s a very fun and creative new boss!

You will fight that boss in boss rush missions too

I Feel like a bug happened right now
No points ?
( Out of context : 150 dmg???)

@InterAction_studios if this is a bug please fix it
Also my callsign in game is RuPos🌸

Play Level Again Or Get Out Of Game Then Enter The Game

Gultar neck only take half of the damage, and you can get point after 50% when you start damaging the boss himself


If you join a multiplayer game and it’s paused, this happens:
visual bug


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