CIU version 136 BETA

@InterAction_studios it doesn’t appear in boss rush everywhere about new boss.

Boss rush is not where this boss live, at this moment

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it’s beta server, which does not affect the main progress
and u might tried the previous beta with that old progress

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After trying the boss out, here’s what I think could be changed.
(and some extra suggestions for the boss)


Changes to the boss:

1: The wave should start with a big danger zone in the middle, or the eyes could move slower. Or both.

2: Perhaps make the blowtorches retract the way they came, without still moving around like the blowtorches are still burning on? And make it more obvious that it’s meant to be dodged by staying between the two blowtorch flames?

3: The meister should not pull the blowtorches out so abruptly. Maybe he can do it slower so the player can see it coming?

4: The tubes need some tell that they’re deadly to touch. Either give them a red hot glow with some smoke, or make them not shoot-thru.

5: The hitbox for the flame breath could be sliiiiiiightly smaller. Just to help the player not run into the hands while dodging the breath.

Now, here’s some extra suggestions:

1: Should the sauce bottles have a double/triple nozzle on higher difficulties (95% and 120%)? Or should he just pound them faster?

2: please make the fire slowly narrow down when he stops his fire breath. that sudden cutoff when he stops it looks a little odd

3: In tandem with the sauce bottles having more nozzles, perhaps the long sauce squirts could have the player try to navigate within the long squirts, and not go outside it?

4: Destroying it’s eyes probably shouldn’t destroy projectiles…

5: Can it have the Iron Chef’s shockwave on death? And maybe the table of sauces could just be blown away rather than blow up?

6: I think the main body itself needs just a smidge more health since the eyes and body have their own health pools. Try 10%?

OPTIONAL: maybe change the metal gear solid sound to the egg drone beep from CI3

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Can’t wait to lose all my lives while fighting that boss using my android phone :eyes:


You’ll cry a lot like what GuestUniverse did

He died million times in a same mission

I’m so excited for the official ver :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:

Idea and bug medals function the same as they do for official releases.

Multiplayer doesn’t work on the BETA server.

As I explained, BETA server is based on a database snapshot when v.135 was released.

This is intended. There are optional targets that you may choose to destroy for the extra points & drops (but will slow down the fight)

Well, this is expected… but I’ve made them go lower now (this can get you killed, of course)

Changed in v.136.2 :medal_sports: Idea

Hmm… interesting. Although, generally speaking, undirected attacks are harder when there’s so little space for maneuvering.

You mean increase the damage to the main body after the eyes are destroyed?

Thanks. I’ll look into this separately.


There should be an audible warning for the blowtorches

That or just dealing more damage overall. Not sure if eyes count as separate entities or are a part of the main body.

well the eyes are separate and they only have 10% of the main body’s health

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Random idea: buns that fall off the burgermeister should not kill you, because it increases the difficulty in some attacks

i think thats the point

The hand can also kill you while dimensional phase-out is active as well

I think that’s a bug, since the arms can also kill you in DPO/shield spawn (them being able to kill you outside of invulnerability might be intended).

It’s a bug, and it’s been fixed.

Not really related to the boss, but I think replacing the Barbequer’s Fire FX with the ones from Burgermeister would look more nicer, also because they are more transparent.


There’s only one SFX that remind me about Heart Of Darkness. Well you can definitely hear that when Burger squeeze its sauce bottles (?)


Read the sentence again, it says outside. That means no spawn shield or DPO being active.

if you manage to get over here then none of the attacks can hurt you