CIU version 134

Android build was submitted to Google today. It’s up to them now.


Let’s see how they react now.

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fingers crossed

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I’m bit scared!!

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Let’s see if we can see this…soon.

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:information_source: Stand-alone v.135 preview

Backstory: CIU on the mobile app stores has complicated the way new versions are released. There are long lead times until a submission is accepted by Apple/Google, and even longer times until it is actually made available around the world as a update from the store. The approval process needs access to the new version servers, but the servers can’t be updated until the new version is approved (otherwise mobile players would be left out of the game for several days). It’s (rather appropriately) the classic chicken-and-egg problem.

This is all more complicated than I can explain, but the gist is that I need some brave volunteers to test a preview of the v.135 release and report any problems.

Before you begin, however, there are a few important things you should know:

  • This preview is only for the stand-alone version. Steam is unaffected.

  • Purchases will not work.

  • Multiplayer will not work.

  • The preview connects to a separate testing server, which holds a copy of the galaxy as it was at the time of the v.134 release. Think of it as a parallel universe.

  • Any progress you make on the v.135 preview will not affect your ‘real’ current progress on v.134, and any v.135 progress will be lost (rolled back) when v.135 is officially released.

    • :warning: Exception: The contents of the “Accounts” screen at the main menu is shared between versions, and will persist. Try not to make changes to your accounts while you’re on the v.135 preview.
  • Installing the preview will overwrite your existing v.134 stand-alone installation. Generally, it’s not possible to have v.134 and v.135 installed side-by-side. To revert to your ‘regular’ progress, you will need to re-download v.134 from the official link and install it again on top: ⬇ Download CIU

  • Once v.135 is officially released, your installed preview (assuming it’s still installed) will automatically work – you don’t need to download anything new.

As you can see, testing comes with some complications, so think twice before you join.

Still here? Excellent, recruit! The UHF is grateful for your service. Download the preview from here:


ready to serve

It’s understandable. Looking on other games, it is noticeable that they aren’t updated that often, about 2-3 months per update, or longer. CIU since beginning have given so many updates that the gap between them is just 7 days- at least 1 months+.

Can you just upload the new version for update, and the day the update is approved and is available, update the Windows version.

Judging from what you said, the new test version uses the test version if the server isn’t supporting the new version, so can you just patch the main server with progress made in Android test server after update?

That’s the idea. As soon as both iOS and Android are approved, there’ll be a server update (similar to how it was done so far) that brings all platforms up-to-date.

The problem is that, as part of the approval process, Apple/Google will try to log in, which requires a working server running the new version. That’s the point of the “preview” – players using the new (yet unapproved) version are temporarily redirected to it instead of the “production” (old) server.

No. Merging progress between servers is fraught with problems (especially if players have played on both versions, which means that any progress discrepancies must be reconciled)


Just wondered how did I get here, even though I’m not orbitted to any place.
My mission config was a bit confused too, I remounted all of them.
Is this kind of “Snapshot” from the server? Or somewhat else?

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Yes. It’s a snapshot taken March 27th


ik this was reported but… it still not fit :confused:

Make them join the test server then.
We don’t care about Apple/Google’s progress, do we?

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Fixed in v.136

Yes, that’s what I’m already doing.


before this topic is closed, lemme

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How did you know about this? This person didn’t make any topics, and I don’t think they have the permission to DM you, did you mistakenly ping them?

It was sent to me in a DM in Aug 2021.

Everyone can DM me. Admins/moderators are excluded from DM restrictions.


What are the plans for CIU after the android port is officially released?

Are there any other platforms you’re looking into porting the game to?

epic games store