CIU version 126.2

can we change flying to joining on multiplayer games

Can you prevent these chicks from spawning in shape shifters?

Kinda skill issue


Total skill issue.

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Absolute skill issue.

I feel like since the game is officially out of Early Access, a look into Rich Presence for the game should be done again.

This was a post from @Sammarald years ago about this idea: Discord Rich Presence

Completely skill issue

is this intented because you can find wormholes by this way?
how to spolier the image btw

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Yeah, it’s surely passable when using BX-9 and the chicks are very close to you due to how the wave works.


You are talking like if many chicks were triggered at once. I have encountered many of these. Hardly did I die in those when it was easy.

Skill issue.

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It’s difficult to dodge if there are a few chicks below you and the rest of chicks are very close to you, especially on 100% mission like that one.

Ok I am settling this.

Do you want the removal of Assassin chicks in shape shifter?
  • Yes. What ilfireli said.
  • No. Skill issue.

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First, i saw you had 1 power (after you had died) and use Ion with Accumulator.
In my calculation, i think you can survive that wave, you have 2 (or 3 i guess) powers, with enough to kill a Asassin. Your Accumulator are full too.
Besides, idk why your power is low like that, but that’s your fault before. You died first, so you don’t have enough power to shoot.

wave with shitton of armored

But yes, thanks to the few chickens there, I was able to get a powerful weapon which easily prevented assassins from getting closer. But it was already painful with low firepower, since assassins were getting hurt and flee quickly.

If I had enough firepower, I’d agree with Baron that this is too easy.
The suggestion is made because the it’d be impossible to dodge if you have low firepower.

Fun fact

Chicken Invaders 5 Christmas Editon DLC doesn’t have a publisher.
It’s easily visible here since it’s present on developer page, but missing from publisher page.


Oh god, did you make sure do not to shoot these enemies unless you need to wait when it changing positions easier before it would screw up for an bit slightly though this part on it?!

Removed in v.127 :medal_sports: Idea

Because there are two copies of the galaxy, and they are not in sync. Fixed in v.127 :medal_sports: Bug

Are you already running at “low detail”? Then, no.

The mission was already in your favourites, so when you tried to add it again, server kicked you out. Of course, if it were indeed in your favourites, you would not be able to add it again, so… the mystery thickens. Will investigate.

No, mobiles are not meant for this.

Changed in v.127 :medal_sports: Idea

Not really. Will investigate.

Thanks, fixed :+1:


If you already in there you might to check this idea since you haven’t talked about it yet? @InterAction_studios

When I use headphones, the right one sounds like the left one and the left one sounds like the right one (I’m talking about android if anything). :face_with_raised_eyebrow: