CIU version 126.2

me but once in a lifetime

I have an idea for CIU, please create a chat in the galaxy.


What will it be used for?

I want it also but its take long time more than you thinking

To communicate with other players or a group not in the forum, but in the game. That is, if there is a chat in the mission in multiplayer, then why not create a chat in the galaxy that I can communicate with players (who are added in contacts) or in groups.

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I know, so I’ll be patient.

idea: medal: awarded for not changing weapons for entire mission

I feel like “few” sounds a little misleading so it should be replaced with “12”


All Meteor Storm missions have 100% lucrative boost.

You need to choose another satellite.

It’s a bug. Looking into it.

Huh. I guess some people still care 30 years later :face_with_monocle:

I’ll remove them.

Extra quests are blocked due to a bug

My assumption was that you’d first play the game before you mess around with the layout, so you’d know what each button does. But I’ll look into adding some captions.

I’ll change it.

I don’t want to hard-code values in the text that may change in the future (this 12 has already changed, it used to be 24 IIRC)


Will iA put the changelog in-game in the future?

This is not practical. You can always use the forum to get the latest news and information.

Not sure if it was reported before, and it’s not in the known bugs list, but why does the galaxy spiral jump clockwise when I launch the game, then spins as it should in counter-clockwise direction? (This doesn’t happen every launch, however).

i mean, later the game will be on google play (i think so?) and not every google play players are in forums

You don’t need to be registered to see change logs, and there is a forum button as big as any other in the title screen.

Technically, those tracks were made by other people. You know, CIU fans?

The tracks in the “Party Like It’s 2002” mode were made by other people, while in the regular mode they were made by 2dB.


Phoenixes make my game lag a lot, whenever there is a bunch of them, my PC will be at 10FPS, can you do something about it?
(just like with the hot enviornment)

that’s because their parties

So there’s a problem: By the time I marked a quest as “Favorites” in the outcome section, after I exited the quest was nowhere to be found. And when I ticked it “Favorites” again under Recents, I got kicked out by the server with the error “Other side closed connection”. How and Why?

I’m going to make a poll for this.

Should this be reduced?
  • Yes, but 25%.
  • Yes, but 33%.
  • Yes, but 50%.
  • No.

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If you want a quest to increase it’s numbers, increase the satellite shots quest.

Can the “Asteroid Vortex” wave be in Meteor Storms?