CIU version 126.2

I think there should be a reminder that you have to click on the right side of the screen to upgrade things.
I wanted to upgrade my weapon and ended up buying a copy of the weapon because I couldn’t find the upgrade menu.
Maybe you could add it to the toast of the upgradeable button in the store menu? Something like “select it from the items in your possession to upgrade it”.

You can buy some Microguns and finish this in less than an hour.

6x Microgun/BBQ should make sense
Or just slowly make your way there

If I remember correctly:
1 microgun = 250 shots
1 barbequer = 100 shots
1 bird-flu gun = 15 shots
1 ICBM = 5 shots
You can clearly see what you should use. If you have a VF-76, you can equip 6 microguns and fire 1500 shots each game.

So, GoldenBoss did the quests but he didn’t get any keys, is that a bug or smth?


Clearly, there was an safe zone though this part but eventually it needs to be removed that cuz that it wouldn’t unnecessarily anymore that able to move normally without screw up anything in this one if aware. @InterAction_studios
you’re thinking about this removing the green arrow in this part including the bubble, tho?

CI4 music 03 and CI5 music 03 in CIU Party Like It’s 2002 Edition are have been copyright complaints.


“Effects on video: no effects”

I have version 126.1, do you think I should upgrade? Or it is updated automatically. I’m using android.

y e s

I don’t have monetization enabled so you say “no effect”. If it is enabled, it will seriously affect and may lead to my videos being automatically deleted.


Nope. I don’t have it either, but if there is a video that affects monetisation I get a notification about that nonetheless. E.g. “Revenue from this video goes to [redacted]”.

Nevermind. “If you’re a part of YouTube partner group, this may affect your monetisation”. YouTube did a great job on hiding this further down that it was before.

He should get more quests, and I guess he didn’t?
Also mind checking this IA?

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@InterAction_studios can you make the game display you the button name when selecting a button? For instance, this is chat button.


Why this computer while im use my phone


Can you add a simulator to test drag sensitivity (mouse, keyboard, touchscreen etc)? It’s a bit inconvenient having to join a game just to know if the chosen sensitivity is suitable.


CIU His intro is boring why don’t we make it like this

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That’s kinda complex, because he needs some stuff.
1- The design, designs are complicated sometimes.
2- It takes a while.
3-nothing just tea

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I know about time so no one want this
No problem

How many people stay on the intro more than 2 seconds?