CI2, CI3, CI4, CI5 120-wave mode

I think we should add the CI3, CI4, CI5 mode with the original 120-wave from these version and include some changes:

  1. Tourist, Rookie, Seasoned, Veteran, Virtuoso, Superstar Hero (only 3 in the original version)
  2. New look chicken.
  3. New types of chicken (from CI5 and CIU) can be appeared in CI3 and CI4 mode and only in Veteran, Virtuoso, Superstar Hero.
  4. All new weapons from CI5 and CIU can be appeared in CI3 and CI4 mode.
  5. We can collect key in CI3 mode
  6. Rocket model in CI3 mode
    and more…
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So basically CI3/4/5 but for free


I completely dislike that idea.
Imagine, if this has been added to CIU.
Previous games would be nonsense to even buy, because there are in CIU, completely free!
No… just no.


You only want those games to be available for free.
By the way, aren’t you that person who requested download links on the wiki years ago?


I’m sad to report that you weren’t the first with this idea.

To be fair I’m not exactly against it (I disagree with stop making games better). IA could make a DLC packs for CIU which consist of levels that were in older games so they can have more profit from this game (also this would work like remake, but with low amount of work so win-win situation). Your fragment of text “one game that has everything” can be the marketing phrase of Chicken Invaders Universe.
I need to talk about Chicken Invaders - #27 by kokokokos

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I don’t think you were the only other one: DLC: “Chicken Invaders Stories”


Well. What can I say. It’s possible. Because it’s a good way to make a profit in the game and let the players have more content. Also it’s not so hard to do.

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DLC, in this case, I don’t think it’s a bad idea because you don’t “pay to win” but “pay to play” and it’s completely normal, I mean, you buy a game and you play it. IA gets money, you get your game, and I think it would make it easier to update / fix its contents because it is in one platform. It’s kind of a win-win ++ solution. Also it would make easier to add next episode (if any) chicken invaders series.

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A lot of people thought about this, me included. There could be something to paste your CI2/3/4/5 serial number on it, and then it lets you play CI2/3/4/5 on Universe. Basically, it would be a Chicken Invaders Collection Suite.

That’s why it called Universe i think…

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