Chickenaut and Super Chicken

Can you return back the wave Show 'em Who’s Boss where Chickenaut before the Super chicken appears from CI4
Like just adding an extra chickenaut before the boss fight

No offence, but this is a very tiny change just like this one. I don’t think iA will accept because:

  1. Most people will find it boring and want to fight Super Chick immediately without waiting like all of the other bosses.
  2. You can fight a lot of Chickenauts in elite waves. I mean Chickenaut isn’t rare like it used to be in CI4.

iA said before that CIU has a different timeline:

Meaning we can’t stuff every tiny thing from other CI games into CIU. If you want to bring back these old memories download CI4 and play it.


And third, it’s not guaranteed that he will add every idea into the game.



The chickenaut at the beginning of that wave is supposed to be a joke

Did anyone read it “Chickenaut and Stupid Chick” by mistake?

Probably not.

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K ;-;

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