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Please return back the wave “Wave Under Renovations” from CI3 where the hero can say “What!? I want my money back!”


That Wave Was A Joke Actually


I want this joke back.


But CIU is now free, so it won’t make much sense.

Ok deny the hero says “I want my money back”.


Reason 1: makes the game easier, especially in space race

Reason 2: CIU is free


Why you want it anyway? It skips the wave which most people don’t want to.

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They can put it in easy missions only and not ironman/ race/ daily waves

Bec it’s a joke

They can put it in very easy missions

Who wants this back?
  • I do!
  • I don’t.
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This problem can be avoided by making it a rare wave.

The game used to have a soft of difficulty=rarer system in the game in easier versions

(Also let’s remind everyone that the game has a wave where you can find only one satellite safe… same thing)


At least you can crash into it accidentally.


:roll_eyes: If you crashed into it you will help to damage the container + why would experienced hunter crash into something like that?

Actually you shouldn’t be able to destroy container on high difficulty with bad weapon, in that case you get nothing, only miss time. You can crash to it by moving your hand towards it (obviously), either by accident or not. What you are trying to suggest is impossible to fail and gives nothing, only taking space in waves counter, preventing useful waves from appearing.

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It will only be added to very easy missions on rare difficulty, you shouldn’t get that.

Then what is the point of adding something you can’t get?

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Guys, clam down the poll’s gonna solve it.

There are what? 160 waves in the game?
I mean… one joke wave can be put in a game that is not 100% serious.

Let’s also remember that we may see more wave updates like the one we had this summer plus missing ci2&3 returns

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Hmmm, What if it will just be added to the waves counter for example a misson have 9 waves if this have chance to encounter it 10 so you may hurry in a space race ok?