Chicken Invaders 5 how do i play multiplayer

Chicken Invaders 5 how do i play multiplayer? I will not play in the same house.

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On the version from the InterAction studios website, just pick Internet multiplayer, though I don’t think there are many people playing there, and on the Steam version there is a lobby for it.

If you have a Pirated version, you C A N 'T

(Or if you got a version from anoter site, i guess)


I hope you don’t have a pirated version, as it’s illegal

Also make sure your firewall is not blocking the connection, otherwise it won’t work, also run Network Wizard and follow everything, also follow what @Francis and @EmeraldBirb and @Edd said.


I will play with my friend.

do yo have chicken invaders 5 with multiplayer (purchase)

Yes, why?


I think that pretty much everyone does

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Did you buy it already

I said yes.

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Good luck, how much you bought it

The game prices are listed on Steam and on iA’s website

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i ask minasam123

Dude it doesn’t matter, @Francis said that they are listed. You don’t have to ask how much i have bought.

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I am sad because I can’t buy a game for 1$ and if chicken invaders universe becomes paid then I didn’t buy it or I couldn’t buy it

Yeah because there there’s chicken hunter license which saves your progress on email.
Read this:

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I do not know anything. Some people say this game will become free and others say it will be paid

It will be free. It’s just that there’s a CHL which saves your progress via email.

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i don’t understand