Cheating in CIU

This policy is deprecated. You can find the updated policy here:

Well, that didn’t take long. Over the course of the previous night we had a cheat attempt. This must be some kind of world record.

Let us remind you that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against cheaters. Immediate removal and permanent ban, no questions asked. Same goes for griefers.

You’re part of a shared universe now and the challenge and fun of it all lies in observing the rules of the game, playing by them, improving your skills, and comparing your performance against others in a safe and fair environment. If you don’t like the rules, post here and you never know, they might be changed. But don’t just make up your own, that sucks.

UHF. Be worthy.


Already? That’s actually kinda impressive. In its own way.

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Well, you have to be a really bad noob to cheat. Really, really bad.

I was kidding about cheat engine… Looks like someone didnt understood…

It’s not April Fools.

That’s why i don’t cheat on these types of games.

How even!? Atleast cheaters can’t affect others, and only themselves. Hopefully.

Uhm. No. The start of the game is legit hard for actual newbies. It wasn’t a surprise at all. And to be honest, cheating here won’t affect the actual game too much. If it was PvP, it would be a whole different topic.

So, if I may be honest about this, I really don’t care whether someone is cheating or not. People have done that in all the other games and nobody minded it. In single player nobody minded it, and in multiplayer nobody minded that either. If someone wants to cheat, it’s their fun they are ruining. Not the fun of other players. Especially in a game type like this, what do you want to ruin? It’s not like you can kill players, take away their NPC’s or whatever. This is not the case in this game. The only one cheaters are harming are themselves - their own fun and enjoyment of progress.

In all honesty, go ahead and let them cheat. Perhaps take away their online functionality. You will quickly notice how fast they will leave again. They have nothing they can prove, they got no one to troll at this rate.

This is just my own opinion. But if you ban them, they will come back. And again, and again. I’ve had that in so many other games, reaching from cheats to botting. In PvP-Games that’s annoying, in PvE games it’s fine IMO. And in a game like CIU it’s just like “they exist, and now?” - It’s really not like they can use it against me.


OMG Sorry Interaction that was me I take credit for that one.

Yesterday I tried to cheat the Keys with Cheat Engine. I managed to get it to work but got kicked for attempting it.

I didn’t think I’d see a thread on it tho. Sorry Interaction it won’t happen again lol.

Merry Christmas and have a good day everyone.

Christmas is on next Tuesday.

You got a coal. Sadly…