Little question

Because of the low damage output and click speed my arm starts to hurt slightly after a few missions (as I said already.

That’s part of the challenge. I find that using my trackpoint (I have a laptop) to ſteer with my right hand and the ſpace bar to ſhoot with my left works well. If it juſt ſhot at the maximum fire rate automatically, it’d be a very boring game.

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Then take a break.

The problem is that this is how it has worked since the beginning. Automatic fire wasn’t even a thing before Revenge of the Yolk so manual was the only way. Hell, in the original Chicken Invaders the limit was way higher than the 6.5 shots per second we have now. So manual has always kinda been the default.

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I replied to @anon27929001 because he said that he can click 10 times per second with a mouse (and I can too), but I meant that doing like 8-12 clicks per second continuously would be exhausting, even if there are small breaks between the waves. So on average, the player would stick to 4-8 clicks per second constantly for it to be less tiring. Before the 4th update, SSH required you to spam even more the shots due to the very increased health of enemies. Now it’s more balanced because the health isn’t anymore as big and the enemy projectile is faster. After all, this should not be a clicker game…


Yeah,it shouldn’t turn into a clicker game,I know. But I don’t really like the fact that another useless weapon was added to the pool(Riddler).


It was a bug in the sense that no other weapon allowed such a fast manual fire rate, but again, it was a bug that actually made the Riddler able to compete in the top-tier. It also only works in singleplayer, as in multiplayer everything is capped at 5/s manual rate, and without it, the Riddler is just another very under-performing weapon, along with the bulk of those that require automatic fire.

It is possible with dedicated techniques to achieve 20 clicks per second in short bursts, but for this way of operation to be feasible in a real situation, it’s required to use software to do it for you or have a dedicated gaming mouse that includes such a feature. Nevertheless, it was something I discovered independently in CI5 and most people wouldn’t have found out about it if had I not shared the information, speaking of which, I have compiled the weapon damage tables here: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

If you haven’t seen how the Riddler performs when used at its full potential, I have put up a video here to demonstrate it. It’s on SSH with Space Ninja. As you can see, it doesn’t put it in the “Overpowered” category. It doesn’t even look or sound broken, the bullets seem to flow naturally like a machine gun. Utensil Poker and sometimes even Neutron Gun or Corn Shotgun are still superior, but without this fire rate being at all possible, there would never be any reason whatsoever for which you should pick up the Riddler. Make this weapon great again!

Thinking in reverse, as in making all weapons capable of firing at this rate, well, some, like the Laser Cannon, would overheat straight away, in less than 2 seconds, but for most of them it can be anyone’s guess. With the Riddler it was a case of a weak weapon becoming reasonably good, but with an already potent weapon it could cross into the land of unreasonably powerful. I know I enjoyed the feel I got from firing the Riddler so fast, especially for the first time, but a rapid-fire Utensil Poker, though… I can only imagine the carnage.


We’ll restore the limit in the next update.


I think fork overheat should also be reverted since it’s the only weapon that doesn’t make every mission a button mashing marathon. As I said, damage output is way too low or certain enemies should have less health.

I mashed space as fast as I can with :zap:9 on “Bow Ties are cool” but i only cleared like 10% of all enemies because even an ordinary chicken has about 2500 health i guess.


I think the problem is that on SSH, waves consist mostly of enemies that have more health, which leads to having to deal more damage. Was @Sophodot right about lowering enemy health? It wouldn’t apply to bosses, logically.


tl;dr at the bottom.

To be honest, I don’t think you should.
I mean, it is a bug and it’s still impossible to achieve a stable 20cps without a macro unless you’re a pro jitterclicker (or something, idk).
I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about, an automatic weapon’s manual fire rate shouldn’t be higher than it’s automatic fire rate.
Just because you could use an autoclicker to make Riddler a decent weapon doesn’t mean that it is a decent weapon.
If players are complaining about the weapon being too weak then just, I don’t know… Make it stronger? 'Cause most players wouldn’t benefit from a change that only rewards cheating (which autoclickers are usually considered as).
Frankly, Riddler is just fine as it is, considering that it just doesn’t seem like the weapons are balanced at all.
As I said before:

Which most of the community will probably want to crucify me for because it’s honestly pure blasphemy but oh well.

This is one of the graphs (one of the completely illegible ones, unfortunately) that I prepared yesterday:

I think Riddler’s fire rate is the least of our problems considering that the current DPS gap between the strongest and the weakest weapon is over 12000. Now, I have no issues with having stronger and weaker weapons but this is wayyy too much.

tl;dr: There’s no point in restoring Riddler’s 20/s fire rate because it basically benefits no one.


Yeah,there is a point in restoring the 20 shots per second fire rate. You might call using a fast clicker cheating,but when it comes to Ci,you’re really just sparing yourself from having to break your finger. And besides,it’s such a simple way of rebalancing the weapon,I don’t see why you need to come up with some other way. Making it able to shoot 20 times per second is very simple and effective.

A few years back there was a cheat table for Ultimate Omelette which, among other features, included an instakill cheat. So I guess if I use this it makes all weapons good?

Why not just make 20/s the automatic fire rate if the weapon’s so awful?
Even if you bring back the 20/s manual fire rate, the weapon doesn’t just magically become stronger because you have to use an external program to use it to it’s full potential.

So no, making it able to shoot 20 times per second is not “effective” because pretty much nobody is going to make use of it.

So, why wouldn’t we scrap automatic vs manual fire then? (make automatic fire as fast as manual fire for manual weapons like utensil or neutron)

many shmup’s have fastest automatic fire or you dont even need to click at all to fire

Instakill is something completely different. Fast clicking didn’t make the weapon OP,or anything! Do you seriously want another useless weapon? Even if they increased automatic fire rate,that would overheat way faster than manual fire rate used to at 20 shots per second. Yeah,people who know about this would use it. And if not that many people know about it,why not simply add something about it to Riddler’s description? Simple.
Cook1ee,if manual firing weapons were able to fire 6.5 times per second with automatic fire,they’d all overheat in a very short amount of time.

Correct. One of them affects the game directly, one doesn’t. Do both of them give you an advantage you shouldn’t have? Yup.

It’s been useless ever since it was added.
That being said, if I wanted most of our current arsenal to remain useless I wouldn’t have spent a few hours punching numbers into an excel sheet yesterday.

Lower it’s overheat then, it’s not rocket science.

At this point IA could simply add an autoclicker into the game, maybe make it purchasable in the store.

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Why, yes, I’ve made use of it and you can also make use of it. Riddler is my currently equipped weapon in CIU and I’d rather not be forced to change it because of a nerf. The high fire rate is just some hidden thing that requires having knowledge of it. It adds a bit of extra depth to the game, not everything needs to be found in the hints offered by the game tutorial. It’s not a cheat in the same way the old CI4 trainer worked because it doesn’t make the game treat everything as if it had 1 hitpoint. It’s an extra feature that makes one of the 6 weak automatic fire weapons good if you know how to make use of it.

Do both of them give you an advantage you shouldn’t have? Yup.

No, because the Riddler is still not more advantageous than every other weapon, even with the 20/s manual fire rate. The only ones with advantages they shouldn’t have are the Chickens being able to leave the screen with near full flock from a good player using max power Utensil Poker.

As for changing the automatic fire to match the maximum possible manual rate, the reason why the 20 clicks per second thing is useful is because it makes overheating almost a non-factor. Automatic fire always overheats faster than manual fire, and setting the automatic fire rate to 20/s for the Riddler would make is only possible to be shot in short bursts, far from the sustained salvos possible with manual fire.

At this point IA could simply add an autoclicker into the game, maybe make it purchasable in the store.

An autoclicker is not something to be added into a game, it’s just a small piece of software you can use to ease stress on your trigger finger. That it can result in unforeseen consequences to the game or your PC, that’s your problem, but as it stands, CI can’t take more than 100 inputs per second, and the only thing that can even be fired at that rate are missiles: (at 1:54)

Utensil Poker is good because it’s supposed to be good. Neutron Gun was good ever since CI2. This gimmick was what made the Riddler special. It made it good if you knew it could be good. It should remain as it was in CI5 and in previous versions of CIU.

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Not more advantageous?

I guess you forgot about the whole “no overheat” thing.
Either way, I shouldn’t be required to cheat to make proper use of a weapon.
Actually, considering IA’s “zero tolerance” policy… @InterAction_studios

In this case, to hopefully resolve this discussion (and finally answer OP’s question xd), please tell us what exactly do you consider as cheating, and is using autoclickers allowed?

We already have manual weapons which never overheat, namely Lightning Fryer and Corn Shotgun, as well as some more in multiplayer, again this “cheat” is not taking the Riddler outside the variable performance range you get across all different weapons, it just drives it up the ranks from “this is really weak” to “hey, I can actually kill stuff with this”.