Cheap Items Tracking topic

this topic is for cheap items in hero academy , hero were , shady dealer and … that in galactic store they are expensive
please when you found some post the location too

for example :
item : clucker bombs
in galactic store :

price : 81 :key:
in a shady dealer :

price : 36 :key:
location : Eriphyle > Nesoi


10 Keys Difference
If Your Thinking Why Didn’t I Share The Location Of Shady Dealer
This Is A Old Screenshot


We already have a topic for this bruh

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Cheap items will go expensive next day which making this topic coughs muda (useless)

It is a topic for finding shady dealer not cheap items
And cheap item not only in shady dealers

So the Legendary tracking topic is useless too
After a day it can be change

The legendary tracking lasts for a month and the price only last for a day

And who would ever waste 6.9k fuel to buy a 2.9k common Müller M408?


Good day/night. I was thinking to put the name of the dealer rather than the location. The location would be good too but these NPC moves all over place. I watch one dealer moved from the left centre of the map to the top of the map.

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Not exactly. It is a reliable source of getting a guaranteed legendary rarity item. It need not be useless.

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