Legendary tracking topic

Surprised this doesn’t exist already, although I suppose most of you guys have tons of these…

This is just a topic where you can share locations for any legendary item spots you may have seen recently, especially for the top-tier items in their respective categories, and spaceships.

I figure it makes sense to pool our knowledge on this, especially as it’s one of the few MMO components actually in this MMO at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s also a good place to post alerts as to when the locations have re-shuffled. :wink:


@thisistrueuser Your posts are off-topic. Do not debate this publicly. Either use flags or DM the creator.

The topic’s category is fine :+1:


I spent ~1000 keys for fuel and fly to Herowares. I found just a bunch of Rare and Uncommon.


Do you mind sending a pic ?
I am a new player (450m points) looking for the best way to spend my keys :slight_smile:
Any tips, or any kind of help would also be appreciated

And i not use all of them yet.



May I ask how did you get there ?
the legendaries change every day ?

i think it change every month

Using wormholes :wink:

I think Eldan is asking how you find it, in which case they mustn’t have used the galaxy map before.

@Eldan: This post contains a map, it contains the location of every constellation in Chicken Invaders Universe. HaiAn has actually provided all the information you need to navigate here - it’s in the Hegemone constellation, more specifically at the Meliboea system.

Is there a way to type the name of the galaxy and navigate to it ? I’m sorry this is all new to me :persevere:

There is not, but maybe IA can add it. Like you just paste coordinates into search box and you can: 1) see how far it is and 2) travel there

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So basically I need to know the coordinates to travel there… any help from anyone ? (I mean just say “top right corner” or something like that, or a zoom out of the coordinates / 5 sec video of a zoom in to the location)

… whatever you think That could help :slight_smile:

It should not be added because it make finding star systems like Bellerophon way easier

How is that a bad thing?

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Be cause they can just paste the coordinates to find them without knowing where is it

… except you’d need to actually explore it first?? ever thought of that???

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So it will be pointless because you can normally zoom

… AKA the reason why the coordinates and stuff aren’t a thing yet.

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Better make a search bar to search for star systems you explored