Changelog button

Ok this is a pretty basic button, maybe kinda useless as u can see updates in this forum, but what about a changelog ingame that in it got the changes applied to game?

When you press the button, it will appear a big square in the screen that contains the changes, you can close Pressing the X (can be at right up corner or left up corner)
The Changelog will contain the Version at up while that the changes will remain at down
Example: (Very trash ik,)
Also it will be able to scroll down if u cant see all the changes, in left right there will be old versions that u can read their changelog that u didn’t read too.


I like this idea a lot, it helps in showing the changes quickly.

Are we having today “idea recycle day”?


ight, ima head out :v

Or it could be a text document changelog.txt
that gets installed with the new version of CIU

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We already have the “forum” button, soooooooo

oh true

What qbus is trying to say is simply that you guys need to check if your ideas have been suggested before, no hard feelings though.


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