Can Uncategorised function as off-topic?

There’s been a topic on my mind for a while but didn’t post it because ~lazy butt~ skepticism, so can I create a topic as Uncategorised?

Just no


I would suggest not. I also wanted to share something not related to CI (Game Jam starts today in Poland), but let’s follow the rules and not post anything not related to CI. Uncategorised is perfect category for meme topic (but notice that they must be chicken invaders related) because it doesn’t match any other categories.

For now let’s focus on helping IA improve the game because the Early Access feels like is going on forever and most of the time it’s just fixing broken things and not adding new content. If you want to socialize - go on discord or somewhere else.


Honeſtly, unleſs your poſt is really a one-off, it really needs to fit into a category. Otherwiſe it means there’s a problem with the organiſation of poſts. The fact that the off-topic category has now been removed ſhould be enough to tell us not to poſt anything that a week ago would have been claſſified as off-topic.

As far as memes go, might I ſuggeſt poſting your memes on the CI Diſcord?


Not really. If IA would make category “other” then somebody will treat it like off-topic. And it’s just a different name so is there really a problem with that?

Discourse isn’t exactly what I would call “good organisation of posts” so yeah, there is a problem.

Whatever. I don’t post memes since my topic was closed and today even muted the new one because the memes are tragic. And you know, not everyone is on discord or want to be on discord.


What if you want to make a topic reporting a bug about another InterAction Studios game or you want to share information about CIU?

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Maybe iA could make a category like this:

Chicken Invaders related topics that don’t fit with the other categories.

I had this idea some time ago when I reported a bug of Piggly (Christmas Edition).

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For some reason, some of you seem to think like me, but still disagree with my idea.

Anyway here’s a topic that’s basically the same idea that you have, samuel, I made it today: Categories suggestions

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Yeah, but Piggly is not Chicken Invaders related. And also it’s just a rename. I used uncategorised to ask questions about older episodes, make a topic where I express my opinion about the overall state of the CI Universe, suggesting to make new art for Steam etc. “Uncategorised” already works as “other”. Renaming it won’t change anything.




Insert Maya Fey screaming out of shock

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It is!

It’s not and IA agrees with that so this discussion ends:


He agrees that the forum is for CIU, but not that Piggly is not related to Chicken Invaders.

I’m sorry to put it so bluntly, but… I mean, it seems pretty clear to me what iA meant.
I’m afraid I’m with qbus on this one.


But what he says that this forum is not for Piggly doesn’t mean that Piggly is not related to Chicken Invaders.

@samuelronban: Chicken Invaders games ONLY. If you post about Piggly, you’ll be silenced.


Ok, speaking aside of this. Can you please explain how Piggly is related to Chicken Invaders? Because now I’m curious.

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Does this apply to private messages?

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Of course not.