Categories suggestions

Here’s 2 suggestions about categories, I’ll cut straight to the chase:

First Suggestion: Removing the Uncategorized category.

Simply put because it can be used as Off-Topic. Something that was removed and that many of us already voted to be removed.

  • Remove Uncategorized
  • Keep Uncategorized

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Second Suggstion: Add a Chicken Invaders category.

A category that would be used for strictly Chicken Invaders-related stuff, like missions, screenshots or anything of the sort. Basically a category that allows us to chat about Chicken Invaders, but only that.

  • Add Chicken Invaders
  • Don’t Add Chicken Invaders

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These are my suggestions.

Feel free to express your opinions down below.


You can use Chicken Invaders as Early Access,
and just keep Uncategorized if you don’t want people use other topic as off-topic.

The point of removing Off-Topic was to stop Off-Topic topics in the first place. Yet all it did was just move Off-Topic topics to Uncategorized. Totally pointless so far.


Just no

It didn’t move, I existed with this forum

I am pretty much against the existence of both categories. Uncategorized is pointless as off-topic is what we’ve decided to remove and we do not want something similar to that, so if you want off-topic stuff, just talk in the Discord server or talk about that in another forum where such a thing is not prohibited.

As for the Chicken Invaders thing, we already have an Artwork topic and even the Early Access category, so again, no point of making it. Plus, we should probably just make the forum as compact as possible, because we had been far more disorganized before the removal of the off-topic category and the after effects are obviously still shown, even to this day.


One or two topics can’t really hold a category, don’t you think?

While it’s true the forum oughta be compact and organized, it’s still a forum, it’s the Chicken Invaders forum. I personally don’t think that topics such as “CI3 Impressions” or “What’s your favorite CI game” fit in the Early Acess category. This is still a forum, not a court case where we are limited to talk.


I think it’s not possible to remove Uncategorized, and I don’t think “Chicken Invaders” is a good name.


In regards to removing it, I’ll post a quote of mine from another topic, this is the topic: A question about the Off-Topic/Uncategorized

As for the Chciken Invaders-related category name, obviously what I suggest isn’t set in stones, personally I don’t consider Chicken Invaders as the best category name either, but I put it like that so that the suggestion is easy to digest, easy to understand.

Here’s some names for the category that I think sound epic/funny/cool/whatevs:

The Chickening
Forum Invaders

Feel free to come up with names yourselves

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I think those names aren’t appropiate for a category name. The name should explain a bit what it is. Also, I think that other iA games should be also in this category.


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