Can dev add Epsilon Thalassus?

I want to play underwater mission like CI5.

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Oh, boi have we already seen enough of this haha

Onto the point, unfortunately, it can’t be added because they would also have to randomly generate the floor which can be a hassle, and most of the generated waves won’t fit well with walls so they also have to include custom waves for the mission as well (which is also a hassle for the dev to make time for)

It will get suggested until planetary missions are added. It’s quite a large pack of content that would add more replayability.

It can be added. Time consuming sure, but not impossible.

There is a way to do it with only generating the connection screens between 2 waves:


my reaction when people begging for CI Chapters


just wait, it is possible to add, but right now it is not the perfect moment to do that

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Actually, atmospheric reentry should be added; it doesn’t need any special terrain generation. Just phew random images of the planet terrain when you reach something like the coop fight, and that’s pretty much it.


reentry still depends on the planet chapter code for things like camera movement or the ground at the end

sounds impressive to me that they would add surface Missions on every planet in a solar system.

waiting is an option

it only remains to wait

Planetary missions only seem reasonable to me if there are no walls at all and the waves are either pre-set and limited, or clones of space waves.

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