Bug with Key Rush missions

I’ve noticed that in Key Rush missions when you click “End Session” to restart a mission, you automatically lose 1 key from you keys while in a normal mission you don’t/

You lose the keys when you collect it in a wave then end session

I’ve notice that even when you didn’t collect a key in the mission you restart, you also automatically lose 1 key(this only happens in Key Rush missions so far).

The game saves your progress a few seconds after the end of each wave.

For keys spawning at the end of the wave, it’s possible your progress is saved before you collect all of them (i.e., some of the keys are collected during the wave that just ended, and some during the upcoming wave). If you use “End Session” then you will lose the “upcoming wave” keys.


I know, but the weird thing is that in Key Rush missions I lost 1 key in the upcoming mission even if I didn’t collect key in it.

It’s hard to know precisely when your progress is saved, so it’s also hard to tell which keys belong to the “previous” and “upcoming” waves.

To minimize key loss, I would try to collect the keys ASAP. Or just don’t “end session” :wink:

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OK, I mostly “end session” because of changing weapons unintentionally.

That’s not really why the “end session” button is there :smirk:

One of these days, the game will start tracking pauses/disconnections and will display them in the Top-10 list :scream:


I think usually the progress will be saved when a bonus appears at the end of the wave. Example: Career medal awarded or right before the next wave showed up

But it helps though.

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