CIU version 127

Ohh i didn’t notice that.
Thanks you


i like to play 2 fingers 1 finger move and 1 finger shoot On Chicken invaders universe Android don’t have to show fire button


how to send video??

just send the link and remove the text i made red, it will be embedded


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Still, it would be nice to acknowledge (and differentiate between) people who go through the trouble of extra pips.

It might eventually spill outside the screen. But we’ll solve that problem when it actually exists.


Would it be possible to make lightning strikes around some Infernal planets much brighter? You can barely see the lightning around this planet (streaks are barely visible at the 7:30, 11 and 12:30 o’clock positions). I thought there wasn’t any visible (you can still hear it, though) and said enviro tag was a glitch.

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In this version, 5 sentences translated

Fixed in v.128 :medal_sports: Bug


I see something wrong in this case. In a ‘Comet Chase’ mission, it only happens at wave 1 of that mission, everything is normal inside that mission.
So, you see i shot mostly correctly those comets, i did’t tap anything more to get missed shot. “90% accuracy shot” medal (i won’t call its name because it’s too long) should be awarded to me, because in my calculating, i had all 34 correctly shot of 34 shot (actually is 34 projectives because i used Plasma in this case) in this wave (you can count them again if i’m wrong) so i should be get that medal.
Once again, this ONLY happens at wave 1 of a Comet Chase mission, you still take that medal normally at the inside of the mission!

Please check it by my videos:

seems like using it before the first wave also counts into that

How about making the music during any missions, if youre on pause the music is lowered a lot instead of a full mute. I like listening to music, sure the galactic store can let you listen to it rn but I like a music thats keeps on playing while still in combat


Mode -2002
He is very cool i love it but

Did you want musics coom back
  • Yes
  • No

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Did you want musics coom back

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I turn on the mode he is work without new musics

About Morning Rush Hour can you shorten the space the anomoly is occupying, Make chicken nears the edge of the screen able to killed easier or has this one already been suggested?

@InterAction_studios Can you appear some many players of reaching an quest rank?

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Fixed : Can you show the list of player’s Quest Rank?
( The list about how many people have reached the rank… etc…)


Current quest standings:

Quest rank # of players
Janitor 84449
Janitor● 8533
Janitor●● 3720
Janitor●●● 2506
Janitor●●●● 5023
Ensign 652
Ensign● 513
Ensign●● 281
Ensign●●● 36
Ensign●●●● 191
Lieutenant 46
Lieutenant● 79
Lieutenant●● 24
Lieutenant●●● 34
Lieutenant●●●● 32
Commander 35
Commander● 15
Commander●● 16
Commander●●● 9
Commander●●●● 5
Captain 5
Captain● 5
Captain●● 7
Captain●●● 3
Captain●●●● 4
Commodore 3
Commodore● 5
Commodore●● 5
Commodore●●● 1
Commodore●●●● 2
Rear Admiral 3
Rear Admiral● 4
Rear Admiral●● 4
Rear Admiral●●● 0
Rear Admiral●●●● 1
Vice Admiral 3
Vice Admiral● 0
Vice Admiral●● 0
Vice Admiral●●● 1
Vice Admiral●●●● 2
Admiral 0
Admiral● 0
Admiral●● 1
Admiral●●● 0
Admiral●●●● 0
Supreme Admiral of the UHF Fleet 1
Supreme Admiral of the UHF Fleet● 1