Bug Fuel So Negative

Sorry About My ScreenShot Invalid Access Because JPG/BMP Files

I Switch Ship So Bug Negative Fuel

My Fuel -25

You can open the screenshots in Paint, copy them from and paste them here. Works for me :wink:

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That’s It My Fuel Bugs


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Prevent yourself from making too many posts in a single topic, there is edit button like I’m using it rn. Thank

I’m very confused right now. tenor

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How Effects Interstellar Highways

I Switched 2nd Ship Can Cannot Change Interstellar Highway

It’s Worked Right Bug Negative Fuel

Plz Could Bug IA Plz

Also you don’t make a post solution unless it solves your problem. So if iA fixed it make his post a solution instead.

I think that’s the reason

Logs show you have been using Cheat Engine, so anything is possible. Won’t investigate.