Early Access version 62

New contact message looks like an mission assignment message in the color, that’s what I meant, I wanted one of them’s color to be changed.

Can it be fixed? And how long does it last now before it expires?

I think he meant when you search for contacts, CHL badge doesn’t appear in the search list.

Also I got all medals before Ironman medal got added. So if I showed all my medals you could’ve assigned the medal medal to me? Also gabytzu doesn’t have all medal now, so should he still keep the medal medal?

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Why I can scroll up and down while the top-1 is loading?

Could we have a top countries or top pilots in a country? (In profile choose your country for showing this)

I’m more questioning the fact it takes that long to load for you.
Size of top list is constant so probably another thing for the sake of simpler implementation.


Oh, negative fuel is easy to get image

  1. find a path that will use up most/all of your fuel with your best engine

  1. switch out your best engine to the starter one or anything weaker

  1. since the fuel info doesn’t get updated, you can still go on this trip

I assume this isn’t very important to fix, since it can’t be exploited and you have to buy fuel to be allowed to fly between star systems again


Because By Me Ia Says Called Cheat Engine

Don’t know if it’s been already reported, but the time since I played the mission hasn’t updated at all on the top 10 list? I rebooted the game and still didn’t update, in case it was a local thing.

If your previous score is better than your recent one, then it doesn’t get replaced

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This ^

About Not Cheat Engine
@Sammarald Is Correct

Considering I didn’t beat the mission last time, I highly doubt my score were higher. Moreover, I don’t recall seeing myself there.

Not sure, but top list may be updated at midnight so you’ll see your result tomorrow (7 hours more) if it’s high enough.

Weird, I’ve just tested with another mission and it updated instantly (it shows ‘Now’), so maybe it was just me not noticing that my name was there. But I really didn’t see my name there, unless I’m getting crazy.


Fixed in v.63 :medal_sports: Bug

Why is it taking so long!? Each page is only about 2.5K. Is it normal to be so slow for you?

As for the bug itself, fixed in v.63 :medal_sports: Bug

Mission top-10s are instant. It’s the “All-Time Best” and “last 30 days” rankings that only update each midnight.


Can you please read This ?

It’s poor form to ping me less than 24 hours after your post. Please don’t do it.

Fixed in v.63 :medal_sports: Bug


Ok, I started to fix this, but then I realized that some players have black engines (so the docks would not be clearly visible), and it’s definitely not worth having a dedicated customization color just for this, so I’ll leave it as is.


(I don’t know if this is for all missions but I only noticed on ironman) when you lose your life and cancel the mission after a few seconds you will have the same number of lives as before you started mission
and I think it would be nice for the UCO to eject balloon chicken when it’s destroyed

If you Cancel mission, you don’t lose anything, nor get. That only works for first wave. If you surrender on further waves, you’ll lose everything you spent, including lives. Your amount of lives at start will be the same if you have some lives left, they automatically applied to previous attempt slots like everything else.

Firstly, there is no balloon chicken in the game (yet?)
Secondly, why would balloon chicken appear if it has no balloons in UCO?
If by UCO you mean boss and not regular enemy, I have another question — why?


why not