Boss idea: Chicken Hyperbolicity

Over here, I was thinking… Since there’s a CI5 version of Chicken Multiplicity… Why not a CI3 version?

This is how it would go:

This will have a 300% Zoom.
It starts with a giant Sweater Chicken. On death, it splits into a Mysterious Ship.

The Mysterious Ship will alternate between the following attacks with a 2.5 - 5 second delay between each attack (the higher the difficulty, the shorter the delay): Firing it’s lasers like it would as an individual boss (The first laser attack will be telegraphed. Fires 4 - 6 lasers depending on difficulty), and then shoot 5 - 8 bullets straight at you (just like CI2’s mother hen ship). On death, they’ll split into two Blast From the Pasts.

The BftPs will alternate between the two attacks with a 2.5 - 5 second delay between each attack (depends on difficulty): They will shoot their bullets in a spiral motion (kind of like Infini-chick’s 360° smokey attack) and then shoot their normal ring pattern. (Both attacks will have 10 bullets. Up to 18 depending on difficulty.)
It will not get gradually more difficult like it’s individual version. It will be a fixed bullet count.

The Blast From the Pasts will split into 3 Big Chickens each. (So there will be 6)
The Big Chickens split into 3 Slobs each (18), and then ends with 2 Cowards/Toxics each. (36)

What do you think?

  • I’m fine with this.
  • NO.
  • How about this instead? (Comment your opinion/idea)

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EDIT: I have nerfed the boss. @Recruit_75’s and @Marcossanches’ suggestions were taken into consideration as well.

No more edits will be made from this point on. 6 edits were made thus far.


Chicken Hyperbolicity is the name you can put, it fits very well for what it will do.


Did God abandon you or what?






Hm, I was thinking of names that end with “-ity”. That’s why I didn’t want to use “Divison”…


ARE YOU SERIOUS normally it f**king hard

You’re the best, I really hopeiA adds this one

This is sadistically difficult, like two Mysterious ships and four Ci3 mother-hen ships, that’s just too much even on 300% zoom. How about a 200% zoom with a scaled down but still bigger than average Sweater Chicken that splits into a mysterious ship and a Ci3 mother-hen ship. The Mysterious ship and the CI3 mother-hen ship will split into 2 big chickens like OP’s idea (4) , the big chickens will split into three slobs (12) and then each slob will split into 4 cowards/toxic chickens (48). This would still be difficult but it wouldn’t be sadistic.

Feel free to comment on my post…


This boss with the upcoming universal grandmaster skill at max difficulty = Mission fail OR GAME CRASH

I like how in the Multiplicity/Exponentiality bosses the chickens are a bit different from their respective boss waves (e.g. infinity chickens in multiplicity don’t fire their bullets by charging then shooting all of them at once; super chicken in multiplicity does the radial beams instead of the downward beams and eggs). That way, it would really be cool if the Misterious Ship and the Mother-Hen Ship from A Blast from the Past would be in the boss, but with slightly different attack patterns so it isn’t super difficult.

I suggest that the Misterious Ship has 3-5 beams depending on difficulty, and since you would be too busy to focus on all of them at once, they warn where the beams would be so you could see and dodge. The laser thickness should be reduced a lot, due to the 300% Zoom, which would make an ordinary Misterious Ship’s laser comically wide after some distance.

As for the Mother-Hen Ship, they should shoot less beams, (8-16 depending on difficulty), and shoot them one by one in a spiral fashion, instead of all of them at once. Something like this:

idk just suggestions


Personally, I wouldn’t really mind it being in the game. However, do we need another multiplicity variant? Yeah it could be fun (or at least interesting) to fight, but it’s not really all that original or unique.


Besides everything that @GgWw1175 has mentioned, it’s even less of a CI3 version than Chicken Exponentiality is as a CI5 version of Chicken Multiplicity. Whereas there were just the Assassin Chicks in, that’s one enemy taken as a liberty. CI3 does not have a lot of enemies, and even if you refuse to edit the idea, going for Slob Chickens, Cowards and Toxics just doesn’t work, you’ll be taken three liberties, especially if the combinations don’t fit well almost at all. (Toxics in a Slob Chicken would be awkward, almost as if it should just “fart”, but it would probably already die by holding its toxic waste inside.)

Also, how does it make sense that the Mysterious Ship goes away from a Big Chicken made from bones, meat and feathers, not to mention clothes, even with video game logic considered?


The same way Three Chick Gatling Guns can spawn in from the Special Forces Chicken and the Party Chicken in the ‘Chicken Exponentiality’ boss fight. Also don’t forget that chickenauts have metal suits on them and they come from killing Big Chickens in ‘Chicken Multicipity’.

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Well, the brothers in exponentiality hold 3 gatling chicks each, which holds 3 armored chickens each. Make sense out of THAT. :stuck_out_tongue:
And uh, at least the mysterious ship inside of a Massive Chicken would make sliiiightly more sense. Not to mention, the chickens do kinda have an egg shaped body. (Which makes me wonder how Superchick could house 2 Infinichicks)

As for the liberty part, perhaps the cowards/toxics can be changed to just 4 normal chickens. But they will not split into chicks, as they do not exist in CI3.


I think this should only apply to the minimum difficulty that this fight can happen, if difficulty is 140%, then 2 Mysterious Ships will spawn.(yeah god left me for a second)

Why…WHY?! ONE MS IS ALREADY A NIGHTMARE! uhh no pls, I don’t like eating unexpected death by laser


Can we just have all these sort of waves merged into chicken multiplicity, and make it rng what spawns at each level? That way there’s less imbalance trying to squeeze in different enemies, less samey, very long waves, less weirdly arbitrary fights, and more interesting fights when Chicken Multiplicity does appear.

It’s a win-win-win-win! Please do it like that, or otherwise, not at all. Infinity War was a great movie, but we don’t need to be playing equally chaotic crossovers in CIU…


Inbefore a Super Chick splits into an ECCC and a Yolk-Star

Just kidding of course, but maybe this RNG factor has to be tamed a bit and saved across missions. For example spawn either a Super Chick or an Apprentice, make it split into whatever smaller boss and so on.


I would agree on this but, The cowards are smaller version of toxic chickens which doesn’t split during chicken hyperbolicity

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