BC Media: Returning Wave List

Alright, it looks like there’s a TON of new waves coming in v52, including the Cluster Asteroid from Episode 2. But can we get more rebuilt waves?

I’ll list off a few here…

  • Egg Drone Minefield
  • Inbound Missile Strike
  • Close Encounters
  • Paratroopers/Death From Above/Third Time Lucky
  • Pop 'Till They Drop!
  • Classic Invasion (Either the Episode 2 Variants or the Episode 3 Variant)
  • Eggship Fly-by
  • Reinforcements
  • Chicken Acrobatics
  • Chicken Harmonics
  • The Chicken ‘Wave’!

Those are all the unique ones I can think of.


There was something like that:
List of unimplemented waves

I go to rest now. Good night everybody. Even robots need to sleep from time to time.


Indeed awesome. It was already suggested tho. Returning ci3 waves and ci2 waves

He’s probably awake now cuz that was posted 9h before

You seem to be missing something?: Do the Chicken Duddle!

Well, we already have Chicken Geometry. I think having another formation-style wave might be a little redundant at this point.

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