List of unimplemented waves

DISCLAIMER: Just because this content is listed here, InterAction studios is under no obligation to implement any of it. This list is solely my effort to keep track of content from other games that has not been implemented - this content’s existence is no guarantee of it being added.

I thought I would put together a list of waves that have not yet been implemented in CIU, but appeared in other Chicken Invaders games. This does not include waves from the original game, as those appear in the “120th anniversary” wave. However I am listing CI2 waves here, even though I am well aware the original engine is incompatible and simple ports are not an option (same for CI3).

This is not a suggestion, but a reference for both myself and the rest of the community. (although that said I would love to see much of this in CIU). I am aware much of this has been suggested before - this is just to keep the content all in one place for easy of accessibility. :wink:

Chicken Invaders 2: The Next Wave Waves

  • First Contact/Initial Approach
    (probably not getting added, unless there is some way to prevent it outside wave 1)
  • Classic Invasion
    (in my opinion this one definitely should be a thing)
  • One More Time
    (this could make sense as an automatic repeater of whatever the last wave was, otherwise no)
  • Paratroopers (Death From Above)
  • Bonus
    (If added, would need to use the updated UFO sprite)
  • Reinforcements (Help!)
    (This wave had a similar variant in CI3)
  • Scramble (Sunny Side Up)
    (Very similar to the existing Eggshell Fields)
  • Be quick or be dead
    (Exists in 120th anniversary)
  • Chicken Interception (Incoming/Engage)
  • One on One
  • Mother Hen Ship (CI2 variant)
    (Remakes from both CI3 and CI4 exists in CIU)

Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk Waves:

  • Chicken Acrobatics
  • Pop till they drop!
  • Double Trouble (Many alternate names exist)
  • Inbound Missile Strike!
  • Chicken Carousel
  • Chicken Harmonics
  • Entering egg-drone minefield!
    (can we please have this one)
  • We’re surrounded!
  • Do the Chicken Huddle!
  • Close Encounters
    (Very similar to existing “Shoot and Scoot” wave)
  • Eggship fly-by
  • Chicken Square Dancing (Chicken Geometry Version)
    (Would need to be a varient of Chicken Geometry if added, as an updated Square Dancing exists)
  • The chicken ‘wave’!
  • Note: I am not counting the variants from the final chapter as they were just remakes of earlier levels

Chicken Invaders 4: Ultimate Omelette Waves:

  • None! All have been added.

Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side Waves:

  • Popcorn
  • Amazing Maize
  • Satellite Stock
  • Tribute
    (I know it was kind of a joke wave, but still)
  • Epsilon Thalassus (Entire Chapter)
  • Gamma Chthon (Entire Chapter)
  • Eta Astropelacae (Entire Chapter)
  • Atmospheric Re-entry (Entire Chapter)
    (This is just a repeated wave upside down, except the boss)

Thanks to the Chicken Invaders wiki for helping me to put this together, hopefully it might get a bit smaller over time. :wink:

Did I miss one? :joy:


Bad list. CI2 names have uppercase letters. Smh.

jokes aside, I’d like to see “asteroids, no really!” in game. also “Tribute” is Squawk Block


I’m wondering where are berserk chickens because right now we only have berserk chicks :thinking:

I think @Kylo-Hen is talking about the Remastered Edition of CI2, not the Original

If they were lowercase in CIU it would be jarring.

Squawk Block is a tribute, but it’s not the same as the actual Tribute wave.

Don’t forget the fake boss of chickenaut in CI4


Show 'em who’s boss?(with old military chickens)


This is already in CIU!

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