Ban Modding CIU or not?

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We’re humans, and we don’t have to show the truth. Any modification from anyone is pretty private, no one would know what kind of mod did you create. And so, if the tool is public, everyone would be more than free to be able to give themselves unfair advantages, and that’s why modding CIU is different and difficult from other episodes, and that’s intentional. But that’s for the player’s side, the developer side is, people who modded the game can get errors inside the game caused by modding (While not knowing it’s caused by that), and so, they report the errors and the developer sees what causes this error to appear in the fine vanilla game, wasting the developer’s time on non-existent bugs.

In the other hand, you can ask for a specific mod, and if modders approve they’ll make it for you.


At the developer’s request specifically, if I recall correctly. When the choice is between having private modding tools and not having any modding tools at all, it’s pretty clear what the correct pick is.

Additionally, I seem to remember one of IA’s concerns being keeping a level playing field. As such, not allowing mods like black backgrounds which make projectiles easier to see, and thus provide an advantage.


there’s no way you wrote an entire wordpress rant because you weren’t given access to a tool, which, has been told to you numerous times, was made private due to concerns regarding malicious usages.
it is impossible for an independent game developer to moderate assets they don’t develop.

I know this point very well, but doesn’t that make CIU background 2 cooler than the rest of backgrounds?

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as you wish.

everyone deserves to know the truth behind this topic. he’s literally threatening other people to make the tool public.


looking at your past posts

this sounds nothing like you

also that title doesn’t even feel natural

Regardless of anything you won’t ever see any tool like that being public unless you make it yourself. IA is pretty weird with community made content. CI games are unusually hard to modify with Cheat Engine. CIU has private modding tools because of reasons said above. IA didn’t want to open-source Chicken Invaders 1 and decided to make one of the points of this request invalid by making a fun side project where they rema(ke)stered it

u thinking u can mod texture with cheat engine bruh? how long u used windows?

and now you sound nothing like the way you wrote the topic

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Where did I say to modify textures with Cheat Engine?

17 years at least.

bro fed chatgpt with prompts to make this topic, from top to bottom


If everyone wants to “protect” Mod CIU, then ban all Mods behavior altogether for fairness.
It too easy to blocking any modifying behavior, by verify the integrity of the files by comparing the SHA-256.

okay how is that going to help exactly

ok, i’ve chosen to actually waste some time and read all this and i can safely say:

collaboration was said 7 times

Okay, but seriously now. I’ve actually read the whole damn post and most of it was just reusing the same points with nothing new, but reworded.

Yes, I know this whole thing was slapped into an AI Generator, but here’s some things I’ll point out, even though some of the things I point out are probably just nonsense and aren’t actually anything important.

The thing that takes up probably the whole page and then some

So basically, you wrote all this, just because you didn’t get IAMT?
In the style of a school essay? (hey, you literally called this an essay)

And potentially breaking the game.

Or perhaps, they have a life and don’t spend all day modding the game.

That’s just plagiarism.
Also, “inform future updates”???

And, the times you’ve mentioned “Collaboration” or “Collaborative”:


it sure will


I’m afraid that I’ve to say this once again, but some modders doesn’t have their own responsibility for making mod and send it to someone.

They just see it basically mod, and sent it to whoever requested, and done, next!

That’s also an unfair advantage for who wanted to have their own first texture mod with some help.

If they have responsibility for this, simply just said “report if error exists” (ryxt once said) right after sent the mod.

But NO. The problem is during making mod, there’s no warning or notification to source senders that they’ve to change this and that to make it load properly, or which texture can’t be used, etc. They just put it in, modify the ini preload a bit, and done.

I rarely make any mod request because of that. One of the modders already did the same thing I said.

But I’ll keep standing against this.
Give it public will just cause iA wasted more time on non-existent bugs.

From @VerMishelb and @Francis reply in Weapon Reskin Library V2.0:


u thinking IA is stupid, they will believe some stupid modder report the non-exits bug?

He wouldn’t know if it’s non-existent or it exists sometimes.