Back 1: Bug-reporting spammers (Dissing)

He’s not. The reason he made this topic is because he’s mad about his idea not getting into the game yet(the league rework one). He doesn’t want new ideas to be added, he wants his idea to be added.


I didn’t complain for myself only, i also wanted other ideas to be added. Just look at the idea topics recently, and also the older ones. How about ScarletCuboids’s League Overhaul ? How about Pinkpiter’s Mass-raiding Missions and New Bosses ? How about still Pinkpiter’s Supernova Missions and new Astronomical Object idea , Idea about Monthly Challenge ? I don’t complain for myself and i thought that you have seen that :slight_smile: . But seem like you still misunderstand


But, whatever, we should still sympathize with the burden and hardships of iA. As we now, iA studio just have only one operator, that mean iA are under the huge work burden…


I have seen it in the topic and I know for a fact it’s a way of covering up the fact you just want your idea added. It’s pretty obvious seeing as you were persistent about it before too. Bugs have nothing to do with IA not focusing on ideas, or at least they don’t have too much of an impact.


Ok then, you just tried to misunderstand and ignore what people think. Keep up with what you think then :wink:
Btw, i don’t want to lead any arguement into criticizing so we should stop here. Just think what you want, i have my own values and opinions.


Nah we both know damn well why you’re really mad, but sure, let’s end this here. You haven’t learned anything before so there’s no chance you will now.


So what is the “we” you said ? And you said that i haven’t learnt anything, welp, i have waited too long for a proper change. And there are real people share the same situation like me :slight_smile:

Yeah we should get bit more things that bug fixes, also releasing new stuff releases sometime bugs but far from many
(You make much bugs only if you dont care what you write)


Your point is well taken. The game can only be better with ideas that come from game experiences. Pilots give ideas based on how a mission is encountered. It is a platform for improvement because iA has given this to all pilots. Some ideas are more inspired than others. The goal should be that when an idea is presented it should benefit all. I have no knowledge of what badges I have or how many. I just want the galaxy to be safe. Be well all…


As physics is my income and my job in research, it would take very serious math skills and abilities to make this happen. 22,000+ missions in the galaxy make gravity a very complex algorithm. I am sure it can be done but iA can’t waste the time doing the calculations because they are too busy sorting through all of the new ideas that pilots post every day. Scientifically it would be cool but very few pilots have the education to understand the math needed for these computations to be used, or noticed really, and is this an improvement on a mission or wave? Other things help the game be better by expanding it with Bosses, Spacesheeps, Weapons, Missions, etc. Astrophysics is a mind challenger even without the math. Be well all…

When you earn a placement in the top 10 of any thing this game offers you will understand how much skill it takes. When skilled pilots fly missions they want challenges that are more difficult. When you see no harder challenges for yourself the game becomes boring. iA has given this forum so all pilots have some input into the direction the game takes. A CHL does not give you an advantage in points, skill does. Be well all…

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