Mass-raiding Missions and New Bosses

So… I’m just a new idea maker, If there is any mistake, please forgive and give me advices. Hope @InterAction_studios could read and consider this idea… Anyway, let’s go!


It’s a special gamemode that all participants in this mode have to find the way together to destroy a certain boss. To find these missions, you have to find the location of the bosses. These special bosses can be found everywhere in the galaxy map, inside or outside the star systems, or in the void of space. Here is some example of where the bosses settled.


If the boss located in the star system, the travelling method is as normal as the way you go to a specific star system.

If the boss located outside the star system, the travelling way is different.

You have to find location the boss, click on it then access the “Go to this position” button. Fuel is consumed during the voyage.


The bosses in this mode is THOUSANDS TIMES STRONGER than the bosses in normal missions like Chicken Invasion, Squawk Block, Boss Rush,… (That mean they have thousands of “100% process bars”). Their attack are also denser and harder to dodge, so it need players have tier above 50, with an experienced skill to encounter this mission.

This mission is separated into three status(Attacking, Finishing, Recovering), and take place in this order: Attacking → Finishing → Recovering → Attacking…

When you have arrived the location of the boss, the next step is click on the “Enter Raid” button to join the Mass-raiding mission.


  1. You can’t enter raid when the boss is in the “Finishing” status ( If you haven’t joined in the missions at the “Attacking” status yet), and the “Recovering” status. (That mean you can only enter raid at the “Attacking” status).

  1. If you leave the raid mission, your damage process will be lost, and you might not have chance to rejoin the mission, (If you left at “Finishing” and “Recovering” status).


Attacking ( Duration: Until the shield get broken)

After you joined the missions, here is the mission screen.

In the left is the leaderboard. The process in the leaderboard is the HIGHEST process of all the player’s turns. At the right is the information about the reward and the “Shield breaking process” bar. The shield is only broken when all the process bars is 100%. (Image under this text)

Each attack turn has only 3 minutes. If your time is up, there will be a “Time’s up!” notification.

After the attack, you have to wait for other 2 minutes to attack again.

Because in this status, everyone contributes their process to break the shield, so the “Shield breaking process “ bars will be updated constantly on the mission screen and the battle screen, like this. (Name with the process).


Battle screen.

NOTE: Everyone in this mission will fight the boss together in this status, so there may be some ridiculous situation happened, like… this.


Here is the formula of the process numeral:

If players in this missions destroyed the Shield, then a victory message will appear, like this…

Finishing ( Duration: 24h)

After the Shield of the boss is broken, the boss will recover quickly then comeback to fight you. At the “Finishing” status, the boss will have only a 100% process bar like other normal bosses, but the attack is much harder than the fight at “Attacking” status.

Each player will finish the boss independently, so if all players in the mission finished the boss, it will immediately switch to the “Recovering” status. Also you will only have 24 hours to finish the boss. If you won’t finish the boss within that time, you will be removed out without receiving “Boss finishing” Reward.

After you finish the boss, you will be removed out of the mission automatically, and then there will be a notification of “Boss finishing” Reward.

NOTE: You don’t have to wait for a period of time in this status. That mean if you lose, you can comeback and finish the boss immediately without waiting.

Recovering ( Duration: 3d)

After the Finishing status (1 days), the boss will completely switch to the Recovering status. This status will take place in 3 days, then get back to the Attacking status. You can’t enter the raid when the boss is in this status.

And… about the bosses design and their attack, I will talk about it later… Just keep informed in this post!

So, this idea is temporarily completed, what do you think about this?

  • Good Idea
  • Cool design
  • That Skull Cannon…
  • It’s Eh…
  • Bad Idea

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do we have a medal or something?


I think… may be yeah.

The concept was a little bit unoriginal but the others were perfect with highly-detailed explanation

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Yeh. Thanks for the aprreciation.

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The concept was another version of raid in Shadow Fight 2 but you make the concept sounds way more cooler than how I thought in my mind

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I think it’s similar to the Underworld Bosses in Shadow Fight 2, don’t I?


This looks quite nice, i have seen raid missions in some games, and it is correctly suggested to be fitting in CIU

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this idea so good and CIU will have more something to play

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It just have something similar to Underworld in SF2, but i have improved this and add a few more functions…

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  1. well, i think the raid should be in one time, it means must start in a multiplayer room, in a group (how many people is up to the host), and the raid will start when the raid host starts and the raiders all prepared and ready in time
    there’s also a countdown before the raid starts
    1.5. the progess will added up in the same time
  2. also, when we fly, we have to start in 1 life, 10fp (or how much is up to you), but we can still prepare anything for ourselves like phase-out, missles (but limited) and HUDs…
  3. in the in-mission screen:
  • top-left: instead of points, it’ll replaced as dealed damages
  • top-right, bottom-left and right: still have raiders and HUDs as the multiplayers room
  • still shown ships but i think instead of darkened (maybe a disadvantage for dark ship-players), we should be blur it as well
  1. at the results screen, there’ll be:
    -progess of all the raiders
    -time, damage, lives left (or something if you want to add)
    -no achieved medals in this mass-raiding missions
    -no points gained after the raid
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Yeah I thought so too

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Yeah, and it was inspired from the El Dorado TV game too (World Boss)

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it must be the highed damage in all times you have played

yea, it is

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It just the inspiration from 2 games (SF 2 (Underworld) and El Dorado(World Boss))

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damage in current attack / total damage dealed, is it correct?

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uh… quite reasonable xD

I think we don’t need a multi player room, bcs it’s unstable and hard to rate player’s rank. ANd we don’t need a countdown there, i don’t want this mode imitate SF2 too much.

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That is a really good idea

The concept is nice
The idea is fitting
And i am sure it would be perfect

I have some points to add

• Finishing the boss would have a reward and shield breaking reward would have a different reward they are separted maybe someone did a ton of damage in raid and couldn’t finish the boss removing his reward would be a bit unfair

• the lower your tier and your spaceship equipment the easier the finishing phase would be

•The raid’s place would be different in each time and to not make people follow it use a blackhole to transfer him

• Add difficulty to the raid under players in menu
Five difficulties
Easy : 25 100% process bar
Normal : 35 100%
Veteran : 50 100%
Hard : 70
Insane : 100

That is a nice idea
And i recognize it’s concept

I am waiting for more about your idea

Have a nice day.