Add Rare Custom Paintjobs to CIU

Rare Custom Paintjobs in CI5 were rather helpful, so will they be brought back? I mean, Gold Digger’s 25% more keys, White Knight’s Minimum power level, and Space Ninja’s 20% extra damage would be rather nice to have. But if you have a current paintjob, can you make it so that you can toggle the Rare Custom Paintjobs to be Invisible or Visible?

Maybe add other Rare Paintjobs with different effects? Here are some examples:

Yellow Streak: Enemies are repelled from your ship.

Wealthy Rogue: Coins give twice as much points.

Hot Rod: Your weapons heat up 25% slower.

Any other ideas for paintjobs? Just reply, and I’ll add your paintjob idea here:

also Rare Custom Paintjobs witt not be sell in normal shop it will sell only in Heroware
and rarely will took like rarely ship does

(P.S:i know that this idea have suggest by 1 time but ia doesnt watch it so i resuggest it also no need rush)


They’ll just be upgrades you’ll have to get for challenge missions


Also in the customization menu of Paintjobs there can be an option called “random” and that as its name indicates, select random styles, and that there is a probability that the Paintjobs of CI5 are as easter egg. In addition, the option can help indecisive players apart from the fact that most games (which could be played) in the section to customize the player have that option, why not have it in CIU?


Also the colors section within the customization menu could place the option of “RGB animation”, this what it would do is add the typical color animation in gamers things but for the ship. An example of this would be for example that all the zones in red (except the one of the propeller) are with the RGB style.

Red Ray (Look at the red areas that I mean)

(example of this type of “RGB gamer animation” to which I refer)

Also if you do not like having so much color in that area, you can choose that the same animation contains only certain colors, for example only scale colors of reds, blues, etc. If something like this is added to the game, more effects are added than that, for example an effect that makes the colors of the zone that you use as an example shine before shooting, which changes color when shooting, etc.


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On a tangentially related note, I’ve achieved this affect for Ghost Trails using only three hardpoints - if anyone is interested in how, I’m happy to post a tutorial for it somewhere.

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That sounds pretty good, I’m interested in having some RGB on my ship.

Here you go:

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I think people who have made major contributions to the game, may be rewarded with customized paintjobs, which are purely cosmetic.

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