Rare Custom Paintjobs

Rare Custom Paintjobs in CI5 were rather helpful, so will they be brought back? I mean, Gold Digger’s 25% more keys, White Knight’s Minimum power level, and Space Ninja’s 20% extra damage would be rather nice to have. But if you have a current paintjob, can you make it so that you can toggle the Rare Custom Paintjobs to be Invisible or Visible?

Maybe add other Rare Paintjobs with different effects? Here are some examples:

Yellow Streak: Enemies are repelled from your ship.

Wealthy Rogue: Coins give twice as much points.

Hot Rod: Your weapons heat up 25% slower.

Any other ideas for paintjobs? Just reply, and I’ll add your paintjob idea here:

xXmlgDiegoXx - RGB: Have your gaming level recognized.

EmeraldPlay: Let the Rare Custom Paintjobs be added as Hardpoints.

xdtruedame: A RCP that will prevent death once.


RBG: your gaming level is over 900000!!!


Please try to be serious though.

Maybe they could be added as Hardpoints?


But whats the point of customization if everyone will have to pick one of them to not lose out on perks? Also as we buy parts and things to upgrade our ship, now it doesnt make sense to change paintjobs to get an attack boost.


Well, they can be toggled to be either Invisible or Visible.

I don’t have idea for name: dodge next something can destroy your ship for 2 seconds


Still feels like strapping on bonuses. Also sorry for not noticing that part in your text.

The rare paintjobs from CI5 would be an…interesting addition…to say the least, but if iA plans to make cost as much as they did back in CI5, I can definitely see how these can be exploited

  • Gold Digger: Collecting keys much faster, and reaching more expensive stuff sooner
  • White Knight: Head start for those that don’t have upgraded weapons
  • Shadow Ninja: Would fell like cheating on Daily/Weekly Challenges

I do in fact have to agree with @Sammarald these would work better as Hardpoints, as there are no unlockables in this game, now about your paintjob suggestions, they’re not half-bad, also could see how I would use them in the game.

For now the least we can do is recreate the paintjobs, the best we can try, though.

Gold Digger, White Knight, and Shadow Ninja don’t necessarily need to be in the game ya know. Or in fact, no Rare Custom paintjobs at all.


Still though, players will find ways to exploit rare custom paintjobs in case if they get added.

That’s just my theory at least.

Not saying that the idea is bad, though

A few exploit examples:

Gold Digger: 25% more keys. I don’t really see how you’d exploit it in missions or boss rushes.

White Knight: I can tell from the Minimum of 5 power. It will render the weapon upgrades useless.

Space Ninja: I mean, damage boost seems kinda pointless when you change difficulties I guess. But hey, at least it can help you handle some of those waves better.


Good point

Well, we can’t say anything for now. It’s up to @InterAction_studios for this.

Hahahaha. No.
White knight - exactly the opposite of what you said: considering how the white knight’s only use in ci5 was to give you more firepower at the start(at least for good players who likely won’t go below 5 firepower either way). Now that you can have 8 firepower by upgrading a weapon,I don’t really feel like white knight would help much. So yeah,I’d say it’s actually weapon upgrades that would render white knight useless.
Space ninja - not sure what you’re trying to say,but 20% more damage can certainly always help.

I’m implying that the space ninja is the same as changing difficulties.

…except that it doesn’t change which enemies you’ll see in the game like difficulties do.

Well yeah.