About Top-10 Awards&New Environment

First were gonna talk about top-10 awards, I think that they are not enough awards for the players that appeared in the top-10 but hadn’t became first, the only benefit is getting the first place medals, but who didn’t get in the first place will be rewarded with some little amount of keys which I think isn’t enough for a top-10 reward, I have some suggestions:

  1. Simple, a little increase to the amount of awarded keys, like for example the most active weekly get a medal+200 keys, obviously the medal is worth it, but 200 keys is nothing compared of what keys he earned during that week, so imagine that with the second&third place for example they’ll feel like they’ve wasted the whole weekly and didn’t get the medal and got a tiny award, so maybe a little buff like 600 or 800 keys instead of 200 keys would be great.

  2. The rewards could not be keys only, like maybe other stuff, for example: 3rd place got 456 food, 4th place got 3 bullet spray expander, 6th place got 55 keys+2 jets, it’ll be random not the same rewards everytime and it could more than 1 type of equipment, therefore even if the player didn’t need these equipments/items they can sell’em to earn more keys, it’ll be more exciting&interesting in my opinion that way.

  3. This is a short one, but I was thinking maybe there could be a medal for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, another medal for 4th, 5th and 6th place and another one for 7th, 8th and 9th place, they won’t look cool as the first place medal, that way challenges will be more exciting and interesting and players will still get rewards, however if this one gets accepted please add number 1 or number 2 also (or maybe both) with this one.

  4. OK, so I kept this one for last because it’s the most one I support out of all of them, the amount of rewarded key won’t increase or reduce, but it’ll be replaced with a type of jewelry (like an emeral or a ruby) that can only be gotten from the top-10 rewards, there will be item at the store that you can’t buy’em with normal keys, you need a jewelry to buy them, I don’t know which item should be buyable with jewelry, maybe Spacecrafts&Reactors, or maybe a new items should appear at the store and be buyable with jewelry only, I know this will need a lot of work but it’s the best out of all of them.

However if you have another idea other than the ones above feel free to write’em down in the replies.

OK, so which one of’em do you like the most:

  • Number 1.
  • Number 2.
  • Number 3.
  • Number 4.
  • None.

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Now for the new environment, it’ll be a windy environment, wind effect will appear for a certain time then disappear, for example: the wind will appear going to the left direction for 5 seconds, then stop for 3 seconds, then go to the right direction for another 5 seconds, however it could move up&down too, or maybe up+left for example, it could be one direction only the entire mission, the wind will effect the falling food, coins, keys and falling UFOs, and will effect enemies that doesn’t have specific movement, like the Chicken/Chick that come out its UFO, moving Satellites and enemies that comes out of eggs, weapons like Utensil Poker, Neutron Gun, Corn Shogun, Ion Blaster, but not at laser weapons, the wind will effect them by making them move a little to whatever side it goes to, the player Spacecraft will be affected too and there will be an item at “Always On” item that when the player buy it’ll prevent him from being affected by the wind and maybe the wind speed could increase according to difficulty (however, it could be turned off), now at some Chicken Invasion waves the falling UFOs doesn’t fall straight but incline a little bit, example: “Spin Cycle”, that the reason of thinking of this environment, so I suggest the UFOs falls straight at these types of waves if this environment gets added.

Anyway I hope you liked my ideas and thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

And @InterAction_studios what do you think?



after reading that , i felt some wind is spinning around me honestly :joy: , also it also should affect chickens movements to be fair

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I doubt that it will work with how ciu waves are made.
Here more info: Wave Honing Operation - Part 1: Pulsating grid - #26 by InterAction_studios


I like this. But somehow 800 sounds much for me, so i’d want 700.

That is a good suggestion, I support this.

imo, i think the medal should be for 1st 2nd 3rd only, since these are the best places for leaderboards.

Is this another currency to buy items in the shop? if so, i support this idea.

Yes, we need this new effect.

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Yep, Its just small for a week so I agree it to be buffed yeah. but not too much. make it around 1K keys

For this one idk what to think about it tho, but why award other stuff if you can buy them with the keys you get from the rewards anyway?

So basically, 1st is golden and 2nd is sliver and 3rd is bronze? but what material would the medal be made of for the 4th-10th tho?

I agree with this, but what would you name this type of rarity for items? i only have this name: epic

Nah, I’d say keep the effect power as it is no matter what difficulty, just like the other environmental effects.

Okay, and this:

There’s no need to ping IA actually. He reads the topics so don’t worry. maybe if in the case he didn’t read it you can ping them but make sure you actually gave your topic some reasonable time to be read by most of the people, like over 2 weeks or something.
Forgot to mention, Why the poll had an auto close time? It should remain open.


yeah, some waves are annoying and better also doubt their weapons also be affected

But also need to ping if he didn’t see the topic tho :\

Agreed :||

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Yeah, that’s why I said maybe in this case. but just give it some time first before you do that as I said in my post.


Gee, some people didn’t take time to vote because of this short auto close…


In my opinion I think it’s more interesting, so you can use the awarded items, or sell them if you don’t like them.

It could be bronze for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, silver for 4th, 5th and 6th and gold for 7th, 8th and 9th.

I’ll leave it to IA to choose the item types.

Sorry for that, will edit it.


What about this.

For profit? Ok I agree now.

But you basically reversed my order :joy:

As you wish.

It’s ok, we all do silly mistakes that we learn from.



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Yes, I suggest that there should items that are only buyable with jewelry and they can be awarded only at top-10s.

As in like, They fall straight downards in ci4 upon destroying ufos?

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The Wind Elemental loves this idea!

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I don’t remember, but they don’t do that in CIU at some waves.

Full support for the increase in rewards for leaderboards (keys or otherwise), but not keen on including a second currency (like diamonds).

Keep in mind also that we’re in Early Access and the playerbase is a tiny percentage of what it will be when we leave EA - which would make contests much harder to win. iA probably already plans to increase the reward when EA is over - otherwise it really wouldn’t be worth it.

Wind sounds cool mechanically, but remember - outer space. :wink:


You’ll just get hit with “bUt ChiCKen iNVaDerS iSn’T sUPPosED tO maKE sENse”. Works for every outlandish idea.

Well, there is Electric&Frozen and the food falls although there supposed to be no gravity in space.

Meh, ChickenBlaster already raced me to it.

Yeah but you have to draw a line somewhere. The logic behind this is like “Harry Potter has magic, so it makes sense to put guns that shoot unicorns.” That’s just not how games with no logic (or altered logic) work. Electricity kinda makes sense, Frozen a bit on the sketchy side, but point still stands.