Your Worst Chicken Nightmare!

Yes, but Shadow weapon can’t hurt normal chickens, maybe Shadow Chickens would be the new and 5th type in space? The others are Chickens, Aliens, Droids, Retro Invaders.
What about an new item which can change a Spacecraft and a weapon between the shadow dimension and the normal dimension? Then any kind of chickens could be killed!

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Normal enemies will appear when the before the player collect the shadow gift and shadow enemies will appear after he collect it.

Shadow enemies are just a variant of normal enemies since it will include all types, so I wouldn’t call it a new type.

Good Idea! There could be a gift that turns your Spacecraft & Weapon into shadow forms and another one that bring them back into normal forms without needing the force to change weapon or to pick a firepower.

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Now it makes more sense to add Shadow enemies, dimension can be toggled with a some button on keyboard. We already have Dimension Phase Out, but that only turns your hitbox off for a while. We need a Dimension Changer!

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I’d support this if shadow enemies appeared at multiple waves.

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What do you think @InterAction_studios?

Link: Here.
And I can even show a proof of when IA got annoyed by pings. Here’s one:

Link to that post: Here.
So, I advise you to be careful with your mentioning/pinging.


He said that’s a poor form only, he didn’t get annoyed (or told us to stop pinging). :\

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I’m sorry, I let you down, it won’t happen again.

So your idea that will make the darkness mission into something special?

What do you mean? Don’t you like it? Idea introduces a new boss.

No i like that idea because there is nothing special in the darkness mission

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Thank you, I put a lot of work into this. I will also say that I am working on the final idea.

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That chicken is made out of dark matter, right?

If Darkness needs a new boss, then there needs to be more creativity than that. Also you should consider genre. And only make ideas if you genuinely think it makes the game better, not just for the sake of making ideas.

As I wrote above, the ideas give a lot of work, I don’t care about likes, but for appreciation in effort, none of my ideas are repetitive, maybe except a flashlight, maybe you will try to create something better, if it is bad?

Don’t worry, your idea is great and lots of people liked it, it’s just there always this type of user that always objects new ideas even for the smallest reasons for s period of time and it’s ChickenBlasters turn I guess.

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What to do? Good that there is only 1 idea left.

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Nice! But what I meant is that don’t feel that your ideas are unnecessary & pointless because some people (cats) said so, whatever idea you thought and think it’ll be useful & great don’t hesitate to share it.

Yes, I know I’m already working on the last boss, it won’t take a lot of work.

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