Wave Honing Operation - Part 1: Pulsating grid

Yeah, I agree. It’s not like someone could kill you for posting bad ideas. They will just scream for some time and move on.

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Well, when I finish WHO I may as well try my luck in that sector.


I wasnt trying to die on purpose. Sometimes I just overreacted and my mouse slipped, so really I am not that great. I mean in another video I did this wave BETTER with the bomber. So… yeah…


oh agree. Pulsating Grid is flaming annoying. I hate it. its the only level that I struggle on apart from Yolk Star. I have found 2 Barbequers really effective at stoping them before being destroyed.

I would like to point out that the linked video is of a max-difficulty miſſion on SSH, and therefore was ſuppoſed to be hard.
Don’t uſe footage of >100% difficulty miſſions to complain that the game is too difficult; it’s juſt as ſilly as complaining that the game is too easy and proving your point with footage of playïng the eaſiëſt miſſions on Touriſt. Uſe footage of games on Rookie inſtead.

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The problem in this wave is in the high difficulties, I wouldn’t prove anything with rookie footage.

People play on high difficulties becauſe- ready?- they want the difficulty to be high.
As IA ſaid, after 100%, all bets are off.

There’s a difference between difficult and unfair.
And listen, I don’t know the exact difficulty of this.
I even asked in the original post and nobody answered. That’s the only base I had.


Look, I juſt found a ſimilar complaint to yours here. This is AI’s reſtponſe:
“[at]cook1ee Depends. If you encountered it with SSH, then anything goes. Keep some missiles handy for such occasions. But if you encounter an ‘impossible’ wave with Rookie skill, let us know and we’ll take the difficulty of that particular wave down a notch.”
(I removed the @ to avoid pinging cook1ee.)

If you can give ſome evidence that it’s too hard on Rookie, then I’ll have a much more open mind. As it is, I think that SSH is too eaſy and ſhould be buffed, including increaſing the chances of all-miniboſs waves. If it’s too hard for you, ſwitch to vitüoſo, which I’m pretty ſure is a difficulty at which very few players play, there beïng little difference between adjacent difficulties.

Well then I think iA shouldn’t encourage “having missiles handy”. Look, I’m ok with having difficult waves, but not to the point when the creator himself tells you to buy a buff. All waves should be possible (not dying once) without use of superweapons.

No, because the problem surges when the space for avoiding bullets from all direction is too small.

I don’t think you consider the increased key rate. Why should I give up a 12.5% increase in keys for a single unfair wave?

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Which is why there will be two more difficulties in the first place.

Wanna play harder game modes?Upgrade from SSH(well,I do hope we get those difficulties soon,cos it’ll be embarrassing if we still don’t get 'em reading this a few months later).

There’s actuälly currently no info about if/when theſe’ll be available, except for the graphic. If they are introduced, it won’t change the fact that the difficulties need a rework.

The increaſed key rate is to reward people who play at theſe difficulties, and give them a few extra keys to ſpend on things like miſſiles. Their exiſtence ſhould not encourage everyöne to play on the hardeſt difficulty and then complain that it’s too hard.

Alſo, why does this ſound like a joke?

It’s not too ſmall on Rookie in my experiënce. I’m willing to be proven wrong, though.
The reaſon I don’t think it’s too ſmall on Rookie is that the enemies on Rookie are eaſiër to kill, and therefor one can uſuälly clear a nice, wide, circle before they actuälly get around to dropping eggs on one’s head. It’s ſo much harder in SSH ſimply becauſe it takes longer to cut that initial clearing, with the reſult that it’s harder to dodge when the enemies ſtart tryïng to kill you.

I wasn’t disproving you but ok,

Actually, I would like to ask something at @InterAction_studios. If I started designing waves, are they considerable for implementation? I know you said that we can suggest anything we want, It’s just that I think waves are one of the most, if not the most important part of the gameplay and I like to double confirm, before wasting time. And all of the ideas liked are just tweaks of the existing ones.

Of course,that has limitations,otherwise I’d have Freddy in the game by now.
Hope I’ve given nightmare fuel for anyone reading this.

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Yes, you can suggest waves and it is indeed possible that they make it into the game.

Bear in mind though that each wave is implemented purely in code at my end (there’s no visual editor), and it’s generally made up of small ‘building blocks’ that are combined together. So there is a chance a nice wave will not be implementable using current tools.

Current building blocks include:

  • Each enemy can be a single enemy or a group
  • Enemies in a group can be released all together or one at a time, with a specified delay between them.
  • Enemies in a group can be released only when the previous one dies (generally speaking, when there’s less than N already alive on the screen)
  • An enemy can just wait/delay for a specified time.
  • An enemy can be commanded to follow any path on screen (paths are straight lines or curves).
  • Enemies can move at specified speed (which means longer paths will take longer to traverse), or at a ‘normalized’ speed (which means that all chickens will arrive simultaneously, no matter how long their path is).
  • Enemies can belong to formations (formations are different from groups). A formation forces all enemies in it to follow it. Grids (e.g. classic invasion, squawk block) are formations.
  • Enemies can move smoothly from formation to formation (e.g. 3-ring circus)

Also note that there’s a distinct lack of conditionals in those blocks. There’s no way to say e.g., “move over here but only if the player comes near you.” or “follow this path but only if another chicken isn’t on it already”.


While I thought about how the system works myself, and I think I was close, this is still very valuable information to know for wave creation!


When is it poſſible to zoom in and out? And when can ſafe zones appear? What about the ſhip’s rotation?

Ship heading, camera zoom, and safe zones are all determined when the wave first starts.

Some waves, however, use custom code to vary these parameters dynamically. That’s certainly possible (and easier than adding custom building blocks)

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