Ability to pause lncoming league dares

Option to “Pause” incoming dare’s in league.

Use Case : For example a player is going on vacation, unwell… etc. which are valid cases why the player would like to stay in the league but cannot accept the dares.

The existing option to leave the league (and rejoin) seems more permanent. Also there are penalties involved.

Features :

  • The pause / unpause option would not incur any penalties
  • Player can unpause anytime
  • Automatic unpause after 120 days. (120 days seems to be a good trade-off)
  • Player can pause again which will extend the period by another 120 days
  • Both pause / unpause will get applied at midnight / server time rollover so only dares received before / after get considered
  • Show an indicator in the League screen & Home screen displaying Incoming dares are paused

For users with CIU Licenses (So iA also gets revenue)

  • No automatic unpause
  • Display a count (list ?) of dares that were received during the period

Referring to

  • CIU prevents dares to be sent to people who haven’t logged in for 3 days or more. Which would imply in the situations where the player doesn’t login after the pause period CIU would automatically not allow dares.
  • This also implies a pause could be as less as 4 days however then the user has to keep pausing repeatedly which could be a bother for those who are active. Hence 120 days as a tradeoff as its more than a quarter but less than half a year.

Added edits to include additional clarity

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i dont think auto unpause is a good feature, cuz it’s kinda forced to rejoin and annoying, even it’s 120 days as u suggested; and making permanent pausing for chl users is pretty much a big pain for non chl users

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Thanks @CattyCheese have edited to include additional clarity in the post.

ahem just click leave and rejoin whenever you want
(the button on the top left)

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@darkchan As I had mentioned in the post.

The existing option to leave the league (and rejoin) seems more permanent. Also there are penalties involved.


That is an unfair advantage.

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oh yes, i’m going to pause every dare i get now so i never lose points

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^^ The above is an incorrect understanding of the idea.

Implying if a dare has reached your inbox you have to play it.

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