Early Access version 100

Yes, I see it. Does it work after you reconnect?

is not work

That would take some time

the league leave option is very nice but some people are keep rejoining it
so would there be some cooldown on it

like 24h can join it

That’s why you lose dare points each time you rejoin

well people are using it to be the lowest player ever, or to get dared less

@InterAction_studios anyways

Wait would you just be in the league
If you want you can leave but if you rejoined again it would be -10 dare points ?

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If we leave League then it shouldn’t show on League and on Contact too (idea)


My guy i was just referencing you can see this is clearly a joke

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There’s no benefit to being at the bottom. There’s no benefit to being at the top either, except, well, you’re at the top.

That’s literally what “leave league” is for.

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will you add some form of reward for this?

daring player menu persists after leaving league. Daring player will disconnect you.

actually i still want to SSH without marking wave zone but i have opinion if we can disable wave zone in options in game help


add that to pro gamer mode, its more fitting


Ongoing dares and locate button still exists even if the player left league

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you can still fly dares while outside league

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i’ll just repost this wave

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