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We can cancel a mission, but why we cant cancel dares? I usually forget how low i am on extra lifes or any other stuff. IA should add this, because it can be very frustrating.

Also because we all are back to the school, most of us will be inactive. And not responding to league dares will decrease dare points. So I’m suggesting disabling or pausing account option to be added. When its activated, you wont get any league dares, squadron assignment etc. until account gets enabled.

Exploitive. People can farm points and immediately inactive their accounts to prevent losing points. If you don’t respond to a dare until 3 days, you’ll lose half of the point you should lose (5 instead of 10 for example) and the system prevents people from daring players who hasn’t logged in for 3 days and more.

Anyway I hope if there were ways to get out of the league. I accept any terms for this. :roll_eyes:

There are a lot of ways to prevent farmers. One of the ideas that i just got is that you must not dared anyone in a week to disable your account. But when you disabled it, you will not be shown on the league. However, last league position will be shown in your profile when someone compares stats. Also i have 2 suggestions, can you share your thoughts to the other one as well?

We used to be able to cancel immediately like other challenges & missions, when the league added earlier, If I remember correctly. I don’t know who & why reported this to prevent that.

I’ll be the first, if we able to leave league with any terms.

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Why should you have to wait for a week? Just have the ability to opt out whenever you want. Of course it has to be with a price, for example having your dare points reset.

I’m fine. I’d rather to not seeing my name in the league and never come back.

Cool for you ig

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I would be cool with it, IF my best league position being shown on my profile.

Good, but our callsigns requires to be on the leaderboard. I don’t know what will be shown for other players who are going to dare. :confused:

i just want my best league position to appear as well, apart from current league position.
And I’ve got yet another idea for the terms to leave the league. When you leave the league, your name will disappear from the leaderboard, and it will say “-” next to the current league position in your profile. And if someone decides to join the league again, their name will shown on the leaderboard again, but they will start with the default league points (Example:500.0). This is MaybeOrandzaIdk’s suggestion, and i think its a good idea.

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