A stupid question

how much food is for a key?


It’s not a nice clean conversion rate, however, it averages very close to fifteen food per key (slightly less to be exact.)


or seven i dont know, try to sell all the food then go to a mission, kill a chicken collect 1 or 2 food then surrender and try to sell that

I went to the nearest Space Burger and checked, 15216 food = 1005 keys.

One food unit is equal to ~0,0674 keys (At least in my case, but I have a little over 250k units of food, so unless the ratio between keys and food becomes greater the more food you have it should be the same for everyone), so for a key, you would need ~14,834 food units, which is as @Kylo-Hen says, 15 units of food for a key.


The sell price depends on the price fluctuation.
Just checked it, the food to key ratio is 1 food for 0.07 keys, if I didn’t mess something up. This is judging by the changelog of the last update where the ratio was changed. Alucard, you’re probably in a constellation where stuff is cheaper, so food also sells for less.


It would give you 1 Key . What you should do to know it is how much food you need for 2 keys and then divide it between 2.

No need to test, it is 1 food for 0.07 keys.
This is where I got it from

It hasn’t been changed ever since.

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