A new mission type. Caverns!

I have an idea for a new mission type. It’s called Cavern. It is basically a mission in where the player must traverse through a large cavern and at each boss encounter, the cavern space is enlarged (Just like Gamma Chthon,but,without the crystals). The cavern’s appearance will differ on what planet are you in. For example, On a grey or black barren rock, it will be grey or black;on a terrestrial planet, it will be a dark brown; on a frozen wasteland, it will be a cyan color; on a inferno planet, it will be a crimson color. A cavern mission cannot be on a star.
Waves in a Cavern mission will be uniquely made for the either narrow or wide caverns, grottoes and caves of this mission (Just like Chicken Invaders 5, in Gamma Chthon).
If a player would accidentally bump into a wall of a cavern, they will be pushed out of the wall, not matter how hard the player would push.
In this mission, it will be slightly darker than usual, but not as dark as a Darkness mission.
And by the way, this is my first post, so i will be happy to receive any ideas or improvements to my post!


Planetary missions were already suggested and I even made a post explaining how InterAction can make them available in CIU: