New Darkness Themed Boss

Meh. Dunno,tbh.

For a reference I used the Superchick from CI4, but I don’t know if in CIU it has more healt or not.

Actually,health depends on exact difficulty of the wave it appears on. Pretty sure most bosses follow the same health formula(though idk what it is exactly,but IA knows what I’m talking about so it shouldn’t be an issue for them),so this could use the same formula as other bosses.

Yeah, thought something similiar. So when I make bosses and enemies can I leave out the healt?


If I can give you some advice. Think about the attacks and prepare at least one painting of your boss. These ideas have the best chance to get the attention of IA (and mine)

You can find some inspirations of great bosses topics here: Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios (3rd section)

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THink about the attacks. More specifically?

Well. The attack patterns. The ways the boss can kill the player.

Look at this masterpiece idea - A comet chase boss idea
It has the pictures of attacks and the boss. Grabs the attention like a magnet.

Thanks for the advice.

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Can you suggest me a good way/software to do my own images?

I’d suggest either or GIMP.



MS Paint

Photoshop or Illustrator. Fresh paint from Windows 10 store is realy good too.

Does it have too much useful paywalled features?
(i mean fresh paint)

It had good brushes which are useful. I don’t use anything except them tbh. Still photoshop CS6 is the best.

THanks for the useful advices everybody. I Think i will resort to drawings for now

I give you all 3 minutes to get some eye bleach. Starting now

Sorry for the flipped images

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