Your spaceship

This tag will be for art lovers, simply take a photo of your spaceship and comment below. For example my ship:
Spaceship image when compared to other ships
bandicam 2021-04-28 07-33-24-275
Image of spaceship while traveling on the planets
bandicam 2021-04-28 07-32-50-381
Image of spaceship while on duty
bandicam 2021-04-28 07-32-23-478
You can use 1 of 3 above examples, if nice, I will give gifts worth 2,500-15,000 :key::key::key: (Only when sending nickname in the game (not email) with photos will there be gifts).
(Within 30 days, if you fail to show off your boat within 14 days, you will not receive the reward). As many pictures a person can send, but it must be different, the higher the chance of getting a bonus.
(All rewards above still require a chicken hunting license to give away)

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Ok but you can post this in Post your spacecraft!


Okay, it’s now possible to link 2 cards together: rewards don’t change.( @Karizaki ,please cooperate )

Any ship that posts 2 tags will need a nickname, “enthusiastic ship” reward: the most different photos will get 7,500 :key:

Fixed! You can post pictures on both cards.
This card is second tag and this is first: Post your spacecraft!

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Someone: I have an idea! Let me make a topic.
Hmm… the title be “post your spacecraft”
Forum: there is another topic with this title
That person: make a change on title and create that anyways.

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