Your opinion on the Dare League

I was about to make an Ideas post regarding the Dare League but it’d be better if I get some of your guys’ thoughts about the Dare League in general first. I may make a follow up post afterwards.

How do you participate in the league
  • I only do Incoming Dares
  • I only send Dares to others
  • I do Incoming and Outgoing Dares

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Why do you participate in the League?
  • I enjoy it for my own reason(s)
  • People keep daring me and I don’t want to be farmed off of.
  • I don’t care about the league, people can take my points for all I know!

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Would you prefer to opt yourself out of the league if there was an option to?
  • Yes
  • No

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That third poll is sure something. Suggests that the addition of league is doing more harm than good.


Perhaps it was just the way it ended up being designed in the game. People can just spam others and farm off of them and climb up fast. I don’t understand what the fuss about being first is. There are NO rewards, no special medals, nothing to spice things up. Most people barely play the league because its pointless in the way it is now. Maybe IA should’ve waited a bit more before adding the league in the game, that way he had already finished everything he had to do. Ramon’s Overhauls are things that should definitely be considered. Because league has a huge potential to be something big.


Thinking about the fact that league dares are now abusive nowadays and other players are already pissed off if they saw that same person daring them many times (its like dare spamming though), or another scenario would be that you want to take a rest on doin league but you have just received a dare notification from any person (either it can be from your contacts or no).

And aside from that, league dares are also now used for challenge based stuff (like Bigmos’ CLC challenge thingy)


For me, the league is just kind of an annoyance. All I’m getting out of it is message spam consisting of “User ??? challenged you to a dare” and “You failed to answer the dare and lost x points”(or whatever the messages say, kinda forgot since I didn’t get to play for quite some time now), as well as knowing that some people will probably think I’m a trash player because of the low league points, when in reality the points mean literally nothing. It just feels kinda bad, lol.
And guess what, if I’d ever decide to actually participate in the league, I’d have to start with far lower amount of points rather than 500, which is supposed to be the starting amount. But oops, like a 100 people might dare me by the time I decide to join, so it would be more like 400 or 300 starting points. So much fun to be had.
Only use out of this thing is the league challenges thread.


League reminds me of other free to play games with similar mechanics. There are games where you build bases, and you can raid other people’s bases. Personally, I’m not a competitive player whatsoever, and I play casually just for fun and I don’t really enjoy such mechanics, especially if they’re forced. The best part about such mobile games, is when you install one, play it a little bit, and then after a day or two you get spammed with notifications that your base is under attack. It also forces you to keep playing all the time, just to stay ‘relevant’ if that makes sense.


My opinion:


There’s literally no incentive to even touch League tbh

Not to mention the rather abusable dare system


Looking at that poll, I can see what you mean. But I made that question because the Dare League doesn’t interest me at all, yet there’s no way to not participate in it. So I wanted to see if other people shared the same idea.

I don’t think the League is a bad thing, it just needs a lot of refining and adjustments, as what people have been saying on this post and others.

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If its not a bad thing, then why this has implemented on the first place? What is the main purpose of implementing this dare league? I just want to ask

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What is the main purpose of implementing this dare league?

I would guess that idea of competing against each other to who has the best score on a mission sounds appealing in a series such as this because the final score is the best way to indicate a player’s skill. It’s not a bad idea in a game like this, but like I said, the League needs improvement.

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