Your Opinion About Overdrive

This is an open discussion, let’s talk about the overdrive mechanic. Maybe it’s too early to make a conclusion, but hey, we could gather early impressions about it and compare them with the later ones.

Me personally, I LOVE IT. I might be not able to play without it anymore. It is very useful at taking down enemies quickly. I feel that it’s somewhat OP in this current unlimited form. And based on my experience, it replaces normal automatic firing almost completely. Normal automatic firing feels obsolete.

Also, auto-lock weapons seem to get the most benefit from this mechanic as its accuracy guaranteed near 100%. And plasma rifle also feels like absolver beam when enemies clumping.

This is my early impression, how about yours?


I did use the hypergun and the riddler for using overdrive mechanic and it went really well
The riddler however on the brightside, It reminds me of minigun where it just rans out of ammo

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The overdrive goes machine gun
Totally not recommended on hot planets

Overdrive is pretty ok for me, the fire rate in some weapons are way too OP, but the heat-build on some weapons, e.g. Plasma, Boron, is really fast

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I haven’t tried any kinds of weapons apart from having Hypergun, Riddler and Boron Railgun
Edit: I’m ok with lightning fryer and plasma rifle since they shoot really fast often

i like it but im still not used to it because i used to shoot normally by spamming my mouse but i really like overdrive. also does moron have overdrive

Overdrive makes you feel an unstoppable killing machine despite almost nothing changes.
It is like manual fire was but performs way better and is very noob-accessible.

Is so addicting

But those are the only weapons who feel unsutisfing to use since nothing changes (look-wise).
I suggest a bigger flare on weapon pods

Right now some weapons are obliviously too much… let’s enjoy until it lasts
In my opinion when rebalancing weapons we will need to balance them based on how they deal aganst waves.
Bosses are a total joke (HP wise) and needs to be balanced after weapons are.
Right now we can cheese with ese Henterprise, shred crabs in seconds. But that doesn’t mean that weapons are overpowered.
Low boss HP is a relic from when weapons were underpowered


Stupid, uneeded, bad, problematic, useless piece of junk. Because of that, neutron gun was turned into weapon which can be compared to a turtle, because with fast shots, it overheats for around 5 seconds. The forks got that too, but they arent that bad. You cant just automatic fire with almost every weapon, that doesnt make sense. Also, dont bother me explaining with 200 rows of text how GOOD it is and make the game balanced, because you wont change my point at all. I recommend to remove that thing from the game, or just make with more arrows, so we can just dont overheat that much, this thing push the limits with 3 arrows too fast.


I feel like that’s just a Plasma thing, it generally has a massive damage output against groups. Considering its overheat time, I think it’s fair enough.

Pretty much. And I am starting to think that replacing the overheat penalty with a time limit + cooldown, instead of adding it on top, might not be as bad an idea as I initially thought.

I think we have to consider just how much do we want to limit the use of overdrive. Do we want to make it so that you essentially have a full charge at the start of every wave (and therefore only have to manage overdrive for the duration of a single wave), or do we want the player to have to consider the entire mission instead, where using up all your overdrive at the end of a wave would mean not having enough for the next one?

I think the second option would be more interesting, and I started working on a possible system that would allow us to do it this way. It’s gotten a bit more complex than I initially accounted for, but so far it looks like it might work. I’ll talk about it in the next WBP excel post (don’t expect that to come before the next update, I still want to test Positron once it gets fixed before giving any definitive verdict).

I talked to galbatorix about this, and there is a problem with having a purely time-based cooldown: a player could simply wait for overdrive to fully recharge before killing the last enemy in the wave. So I’m now working on making the recharge based on damage dealt when firing normally (with duration and recharge modified by reactor power).
Originally I was planning to have the duration be based solely on reactor power, but I’m now experimenting with making it a function of reactor power and overheat time. This would mean that weapons with shorter overheat times would have a shorter overdrive duration, but also a shorter overdrive cooldown.

[edit] I am also thinking about how overdrive could be implemented for Absolver and any other potential future weapons with charging.

Neutron has an overheat time 0,5s faster than Utensil’s (9,5s vs 10s).

The arrows do nothing? The fire rate boost is flat 50% for all weapons. I’m pretty sure the indicator could be a solid slab for what it’s worth.

Uhh, the initial suggestion was to keep the 6,66/s fire rate for manual weapons (originally galbatorix suggested the “simplified weapon usage” option that would use the weapon’s max fire rate when firing automatically, which later turned into removing manual fire completely). But now that we have this system and it more-or-less works, I think we should stick with it and try to improve it.


akemis, i think it’s just the best, riddler: e tier becomes s tier when overdrive firing, and i just love the power of riddler (low overheat, clears feathers in an instant), and that’s the reason why riddler is the best weapon (when overdrive firing)
for utensil poker: i’m crying because utensil is nerfed (RIP utensil fans), Sad Poker noises in the background
and for prefrence, neutron gun has that too Angery neutron noises

What do you mean by “doesn’t make sense” ?

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My opinion: Lightning has became overkill and it kills everything quickly somehow. same with plasma and positron. For the photon, it looks pretty good, cuz at lower power levels you can fire quick. For the neutron and laser, it’s good. For both boron and vulcan, it’s like a machine gun when overdrive firing. But as for fork, it’s good but overheats a bit fast, while ion is meta with it. So i would consider riddler being good with it.

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Well i think it is cool, since it could make the game more challenging Althought i dont know what is overdrive is :rofl: (at first) and also easier since you could make the use of automatic weapon like boron, lighting fryer, plasma rifle, etc.

But now i guess the overdrive could make most of automatic weapon seems op. when the manual weapon seems very pain.

right now the manual weapon that could overheat long is ion blaster I think

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I still prefer manual fire.

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I like Overdrive as it is, because it essentially provides a fast-forward button for some fights that would otherwise drag on. Additionally, it lets some weapons like the Photon Swarm still be viable for self-defense when on low :zap:, though limiting how long you can fire it.
It sort of inserts a new level of depth to higher difficulty gameplay: “Do I go all in at risk of the projectiles, food and vicera blocking my view of oncoming projectiles, or do I play it defensive, slow and steady?”

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