Is SSH hard enough? [POLL]

^Currently there is ongoing debate about CIU’s difficulty on hardest missions, I also feel like poll will be the best way to determine what we are standing on, so here it is.

I also separated bosses and regular waves, because from what I know, some people are convinced that those two types of waves are very different when it comes to difficulty.

In your opinion, how difficult are regular waves on max difficulty?

  • They are too hard.
  • They are OK.
  • They are too easy.
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In general, if there are some exceptions, don’t count them. (You can list them in the comments.)

In your opinion, how difficult are bossfights on max difficulty?

  • They are too hard.
  • They are OK.
  • They are too easy.
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In general, if there are some exceptions, don’t count them. (You can list them in the comments.)


Might I point out that the hardeſt miſſions ſhould be too hard for the majority of players?

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You just said yourself that the hardest missions were not hard enough

Now you’re saying they’re too hard? Make up your mind please

But he’s saying that they should be too hard not that they are.


my bad traveller, i’m sorry for that

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In my opinion they already are

On the other hand bosses are a total joke right now

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Well, it depends on the context, on the type of missions and waves you play. Though, most of the regular missions are easy, and bosses the same.

From what I remember, IA’s assumption about forum userbase is that, for the most part, forum users are the most active and experienced players out there, that are far from “majority of players”.


I’m still with my opinion, the wave gets harder depending on how many strong enemies appear. Maximum difficulty can be relatively easy, but can also fluctuate to insanity.

Wave design also matters, some of them are just not giving enough space to move. I would say it’s unfair rather than hard.

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if the regular wave mean the chicken invasion mode, I say its too easy.

Soo, the polls were closed and results are here.

Poll about normal waves:

  • 60% of voters agreed that normal waves are hard enough.
  • 25% of voters agreed that normal waves are too hard
  • 15% of voters agreed that normal waves are too easy.

Poll about bossfights:

  • 59% of voters agreed that bossfights are hard enough.
  • 28% of voters agreed that bossfights are too easy.
  • 13% of voters agreed that bossfights are too hard.

For the most part, majority of forum community sees both bossfights and normal waves as hard enough. (60% of votes) On top of that, solid portion of users voted for bossfights being too easy and normal waves being too hard. “Waves too easy”/“Bosses to hard” options got very little support.

Now that we have the results, I think it’s worth to discuss what might be wrong with bossfights and normal waves. (Despite 60% voting for “OK”, many people still chose the other options, so it’s worth to note that.) So the question is: what exactly makes normal waves/bossfights too hard or too easy?


Predictability. Bossfights are easier than regular waves because of them being too predictable, especially CI4 era bossfights.


It would also be very helpful for many of them to get a health buff, even in SSH, many of the bosses can be cheesed pretty quickly by using Laser Cannon. Some bosses like Bossa Nova, Henley’s comet, Alien Mothership, Yolk Star, etc don’t really need a health buff but others do need a health buff by 1.5x-2x.


For the waves:
Even on 100% SSH, you can get a Chicken Roulette with just chicks only.
But on 100% Veteran… You could get one filled with entirely UFOs.
In short, wave generation is pretty messed up. You either get something dirt easy, Reasonable, or Straight up unfair.

As for Bosses… Most bosses seem to not even bother to try and kill the player at all. They just lob all their attacks everywhere haphazardly and prays it hits you. (I’m looking at you Superchick)

Take UCO #4 and Apple Core for example. These are the perfect examples of bosses that actually want you dead. UCO #4 tries to restrict your movement, and shoots directly for you.

Apple core gets more aggressive as the defenses get destroyed. This makes this boss one of the best, as it actually gets more desperate to try and defend itself as it knows it’s going to be destroyed soon. Very human-like reaction, which is very fitting.

In my opinion, other bosses should do the same as well: Getting more desperate as they’re dying.
I mean, in real life, if you knew you were running out of time, wouldn’t you give it all your best instead of just give up?


Ouch that it would hard it didnt mean too easy

The mayority of bosses are too weak.
And I don’t mean pattern-wise but HP-wise.

Cannonade is easy because phases have too few hp

But that is perfectly fine right now



Egg Cannon is the worst and most drawn out boss fight. Space Crab with the lasers and King of Crabs also fall within this category. Twice Infinity and Superchick could do with some Terminator AI, like Show ‘Em Who’s Boss, but I’d say Twice Infinity would be decently challenging with a speed buff and more randomized attacks, with the orange attacks interspersed with the green ones. Egg Cannon could use a speed buff and also randomize its lasers’ direction and include Cowards, Slobs, etc. within the Chicken Waves. Space Crab A and King of Crabs can get a speed buff and a health buff, while Space Crab B needs more diverse attack patterns and have pre-existing attacks in a stage become stronger with advancement of phases, like @OneWingLunarian mentioned.

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