You choose Newtron Gun or Utensil Poker

Commands please ! I want to know more !

There is already a topic about this, and it’s still open I think

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Here’s a Minecraft command(Because you said Commands lol):
/title @a title CIU IS AWESOME
note: don’t work in 1.14 or higher

I post this because I want to know more about choosing weapons

ok i edited it

Advice: Avoid writing on your own language(because here, only english is allowed), or certain people will stumble upon you.

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No lol

When fighting with bosses: Neutron Gun
When shooting normal chicken waves: Utensil Poker


ok sorry but cant delete is because my pc is lag

how old are you

AWWWWW… 11…years old…

aww i’m 9 yrs old

HOLY cdf

lul lu

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