Utensil Poker or Neutron Gun?

Which weapon do you like better? Mine used to be Utensil Poker until I started using Neutron Gun. It does more damage and it doesn’t spread out when you fire it. Utensil Poker is more for missions like SuperNova, Squawk Block, and Asteroid Belts. But Neutron Gun is best especially for boss rushes.

Neutron Gun may deal more focused damage but it’s not stronger than forks, especially when using bomber spacecraft

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utensile poker, cause the spread makes all missions faster. For supernova missions i actually reccomend the vulcan.

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Oh yeah I tried that once but that spreads out too as the heat increases

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The good thing is it’s not as popular so I use it and I’ll get a better bonus, but to me it seems stronger, especially with the chickenauts and armored chickens.

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For that reason: you make it spead so it reaches many debris. For the boss is perfect if you keep it at low heat.

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That’s because Neutron Gun has no spread. Utensil Poker’s damage per volley is higher than Neutron Gun’s by 350.

Maybe I should try Utensil Poker again because it’s been a long time since I used it.

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i use neutron gun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too :ok_hand:t3:

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Vulcan chaingun. About the other 2, it depends on the levels and the bosses.


Utensil Poker is stronger, but I prefer Neutron Gun’s focused damage over very little damage increase.

On a side note, I’m starting to like Vulcan Chaingun.


I want to use Nasty Suprise on max difficulty as a counterexample for Utensil Poker.

  • Either using Utensil Poker, you have to take a risk and shoot as fast as you can so that you won’t be killed by those ailen UFOs. Eventually there will be too many (10+) UFOs on the screen and Utensil Poker won’t be as strong as you expected. Dodging these UFOs will eventually become even harder than dodging Yolk-Star™’s 7 lasers.
  • Or using Neutron Gun, you can take your time and shoot each egg one by one without worrying that other eggs will also break (they may partially crack, but if you take your time, at most three of them will appear at a time). The same strategy doesn’t work for Utensil Poker because it does high damage and spread out, destroying multiple eggs at the same time.

However, on high difficulty asteroid waves, Neutron Gun is not nearly as effective, therefore these waves in return are counterexamples for Neutron Gun.


I took utensil for nasty surprise so many times. Never had any issues. Just be patient. It’s not even nearly as hard as the yolk star.


Or juſt hope for the beſt.

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I find the Utensil Poker the Best Weapon in the game. does massive damage per shot, a high fire rate especially at a low level and doesn’t overheat as quick as the Neutron Gun nor Laser Cannon. I find it’s the best weapon for Power Levels 0-7

But its manual fire rate is the same as for nearly every other weapon.

No,it’s the best for power level 1 and every level above it. At least statistically it is.

And aſſuming that you’re actuälly hitting the chickens.

Because that’s so hard to do

Well, it is when you’re above them; why aren’t there any rear-firing weapons?

Alſo, clearly you haven’t ſeen my ſiſter play.