Wormhole (update)

I would like to present here my suggestions for a small update, which is supposed to make traveling easier and make wormholes a bit more special places.

(The green halo in the black hole is to represent the player’s choice between exploration and RETRO missions)

1# Exploration

Let’s say you want to move from one location to another and you have the exact location but you don’t know the exact name of the wormhole and you click on different names until you find the one you want.

After entering the option to travel through a wormhole, the map zooms out and shows all the wormholes you have discovered and the paths leading to them. If you want to exit this option just click “Back”.

I had another idea which would be to activate a bonus level (one wave) when traveling in the wormhole, which would be to avoid particles being sucked into the black hole. If you die, you will be sent back from where you started your journey.

Do you accept the bonus wave concept?
  • YES
  • NO

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2# New Waves

This idea will be developed until I run out of ideas, so I will present some of them.
(To be honest, I’m not very good at making new waves -_- but it won’t hurt to try…)

1# Fighter raid

Single fighters fly with missiles (as if I saw it somewhere i an old game phone…)

2# Tetris

The aliens take different shapes and line up down the screen.
At the top there will be downward gravity.

3# Lost Block

Similar to the wave with a single asteroid only in retro version.
(after shooting)

#4 Follow your path

Aliens will come from all sides.
Each of them has an assigned arrival direction.

5# Alien path

Similar to the “Hairpin turn” wave, except that aliens will fly right at you.

6# Retroids

3# Alien dead effect

since it’s a retro place, the aliens have probably been programmed, so after the death of such an alien, particles imitating binary numbers will appear around the squares

4# Additional obstacles… from the distant past

Surely everyone remembers the moment in CI4 when Authentic Hero found one of the oldest satellites on his way?

I thought that such devices would be a big obstacle for the player during the mission. They would appear at random times in almost every mission.

(my unpublished wave idea… how about putting shields under the tanks :thinking:?)

At the moment, these are all the ideas mentioned.
Vote which idea you like. maybe all of them? or none?

My favourite Ideas:
  • New travel option
  • Bonus wave
  • New waves
  • Alien death effect
  • Additional obstacles

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I actually like most of wave ideas, but having stuff like barriers and the safebox looks out of place to me. But yeah, wormholes would likely need more stuff to them, since they’re just the same waves all time.

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When update that new Retro wave?

Only if I can come up with new concepts at all. As I said, I’m not very good at creating waves so I can’t specify when my waves will be updated (or they won’t appear at all…)

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